World premiere in herzogenaurach

Schaeffler’s employees listen attentively to the information given at an employee information session about the new branding. But even more exciting was the interview with formula e driver and schaeffler brand ambassador daniel abt and a look at the show car of the new formula e racer.

Abbot presented the new car and its features. "A lot has changed and that already begins with the optics." It now looks like its own dna. "People will ask: is it a car or a space shuttle??" In the next races they will start with only one car, with one battery, with a different race format, among others with an "attack mode. The new engine is a challenge, he says, with new software, more power, and different tire compounds to match the successful series of the last four years.

Donuts in fun mode

The formula E driver is optimistic about the next racing season. "I am well prepared", he explained. This is also due to the special features of the car. "They can also drive backwards with 1200 hp," says abt, says abt, pointing to corresponding videos on the net. Or he describes the new "fun mode". The four motors on the wheels are controlled individually, so that it can turn on the spot with incredible speed to produce so-called donuts. The car was presented for the first time in herzogenaurach.


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