When the “come-with-bird” calls in the district of forchheim

When the 'come-with-bird' calls in the district of forchheim

When the "come along" bird if you call, a person dies. One, in front of whose house or apartment he was heard. This has been said in the vernacular for many centuries and still today. But you ask which bird is the messenger and with the call "come with us" or "come along" in french when the death of a human being is announced, the answer is often only a shrug of the shoulders.

Two things first: there is no scientific proof that animals can deliver death messages or news. But the "kumm-mit-vogel" there is indeed. "The tawny owl, but also the little owl, are considered to be "birds of death, confirms helmut schmitt, chairman of the forchheim district group of the state association for bird protection.

From "ku-witt will "kumm mit"

What the tawny owl, the little owl and sometimes the great horned owl do with "come along" or the french "come along schmitt can also explain the reasons for this. "The tawny owl is active at dusk and at night. The call of the female "ku-witt especially from the near already sounds like "come along". The little owl calls "kiwitt! Kiwitt!". Also here in the past a "come along" was often used belongs to.

The little owl is also active during the day, explains schmitt. In a certain way, the "come along" is a "very, very cheap" gift a beckoning call, but not of death, rather the mating call of these birds. The calling season of the damselfly and nocturnal tawny owl runs from september to november – that’s the pre-ballet and in early spring the main bale, explains schmitt. The female forest owl "come along" is usually a lure, partly the call is called all year round to talk to each other.

The little owl, shown here as male and female, also sounds similar to the tawny owl and begins with "come along-call already in july. The main period of the little owl calls is from october to november. Males who are still unpaired also call during the day, explains schmitt the natural nature of the birds with the bad image.

Tawny owl often at friedhofen

But why is the call of the oddball associated with death?? There are two traditions for this. On the one hand, the tawny owl often appeared at friedhofen and was therefore associated with death, on the other hand, the tawny owl is associated with the nursing of yesteryear. People were mostly cared for at home. "The window was often open and the light was on.

Both of the oddballs were attracted by the light and flew into the immediate vicinity of the open window", explains schmitt. When they are called and the people "come along" or "come along" understood and then the sick person also died, then it was, in the judgment of that time, naturally due to the dead bird. The bird came to take the soul of the dying, says schmitt.

This tradition is also known to norbert jung, who at the same time thinks of the egyptian god thot with the ibis head, a bird. In the exhibition "angel worlds the diozesan museum in bamberg explains why the bird shape was so suitable for the agyptian god.

In the history of mankind, birds have always been regarded as bearers of secret knowledge, as a kind of angel. "The bird is the symbol of the messenger of heaven. That is why the angel is also represented with wings", says the neunkirchen clergyman beda maria sonnenberg, abbot of the monastery in plankstetten.

Abbot beda maria sonnenberg points out that in the old testament there is the story of elijah, in which ravens are reported as supplying him with bread and meat, as it were, as messengers from heaven.

Symbol of the dove of peace

In contrast, the bamberger exhibition from the bible explains the preacher kohelet, who warns that bird messages continue. In genesis 6:8 to 12, a bird is also mentioned as a messenger when a catastrophe was about to happen.

"The symbol of the dove of peace, the messenger of peace with an olive branch in her beak, goes back to this place.", explains young. However, the fact that the oddball has such a bad image is not the case everywhere in europe. Especially in the case of the little owl. "In antiquity, the greeks considered him to be the symbol of the goddess athena, and he was revered for his cunning. Today it is also on the back of the greek one-euro coin", explains LBV district group chairman schmitt. The little owl no longer exists in the district of forchheim, only the tawny owl, whose "hu hu" is rather known and also in films for tension should provide.

Eagle owl is on the march

But although the tawny owl is the most common owl and is actually widespread, the "come-with-the-bird" could be a little more popular soon calm down. "The eagle owl is on the march again. When an eagle owl is present, it’s difficult for the tawny owl, because it’s on the eagle owl’s menu, explains schmitt. At this point the superstition becomes clear, because even if the tawny owl becomes less, it still dies.


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