“We don’t have any building sites at all”

. At the same time, some burgers missed the illumination of the problems in steinbach itself. Among them were the topics of missing building sites and a more gentle design of the cemetery, which were then discussed at length.
Ziegler began by giving a comprehensive report on the rough road tree removals in lautergrund and in the district of rudendorf, in the ebelsbach valley from gleisenau to breitbrunn and also on the plans for the ebelsbach bypass in the direction of stettfeld. In addition, he informed about the new designations of building land in schonbrunn and especially “am herrenwald” in ebelsbach, where 30 building sites are now to be developed in a first step.
In the village of steinbach, the creek bank has been renewed, and now the village road from the church to the village center is about to be paved with asphalt.
But that was not enough for klaus-peter kackert, and he made his displeasure clear: “i”m here at a castle meeting in steinbach, and you”re showing a few pictures of the creek and the road. There are no building sites at all in our region, and this is not even mentioned any more. Apparently this is no longer of interest.”
This opinion was also supported by the population statistics, according to which steinbach had lost seven inhabitants. 364 citizens currently live here.
Burgermeister ziegler pointed out that steinbach was surrounded by nature reserves and that he could not be accused of doing nothing in steinbach. He cares about the concerns of the citizens, and this is now evident in the road. With the designation of a building area one comes up against nature protection borders, where it is also a difference whether it is only about nature park borders or about areas, which are subject to a special species protection legal assessment.
Klaus-peter kackert followed up and said “in zeil, new building land has been approved in a nature conservation area”.
Alfons geisel made another suggestion and saw a possible solution below the vineyards. Here at present old winegrowers gave up their vineyards, and before others take over or buy them, one could become active. If one oversleeps, it is over with it.
Another citizen asked whether it would not be possible to build against the golf course. This denied burgermeister ziegler immediately “because there a new part of the village would arise, and that was certainly not approved”. He also expressed the opinion that the demand for building sites in steinbach is not so great. This would be different in ebelsbach.
The answer came from the group: “yes, ebelsbach is exploding, and nothing is happening here!”
In steinbach there is still a building site “am pfaffenberg”, and also in the forststrabe it comes sporadically to the sale, said the mayor. On the possibility of moving in the direction of the vineyards and the “wendelinussteig” to think about, ziegler assured that he would be happy to explore this possibility once again.
With regard to the repeatedly requested expansion of the village road, there have been delays, because this must also be coordinated with the district and a corresponding financing. Now however one obtained that thereby an engineer”s office was assigned, first cost estimations are present and the costs between the municipality and the district habberge were divided. The mabnahme, which costs about 80 000 euro, is enough in the “dorfstrabe” from the church to the village center. Here the paving is being removed, which had become very uneven over the years and had caused a lot of noise for the residents. The road will be provided with a new asphalt surface, and also the connections to the “pfaffenberg” and the “schonbacher strabe have been aligned more.
At the same time the municipality had made canal investigations and thereby also a water penetration at the beginning of the “schonbacher strabe” sighted. This one wanted to redevelop and in addition still decide whether one should not renew the water pipe on this part at the same time. This would certainly be very sensible, because then one would have peace again for decades to come.
Gertrud stratz then addressed the cemetery and asked about burial in urn graves. Klaus-peter kackert was interested in the cemetery statutes and whether graves could be made smaller according to these statutes. This would be a great advantage in the narrow rows of graves.
Mayor ziegler saw possibilities for urn graves to the right and left of the cross. However, one does not want an urn stele, but other designs.
Other citizens saw the need for a comprehensive redesign of the cemetery. Second mayor and head of the building yard martin horn reported here on a meeting for cemetery design, at which he had seen the most varied graves, right down to a simple plant bed. The cemetery of steinbach is really in a catastrophic condition, as far as the grave arrangement is concerned. If you want to design something here, you really have to turn the cemetery completely upside down.
Other wishes were also expressed. Gertrud stratz saw the need to clean the local brook on the stretch from the railroad line to the village and to cut back shrubbery. This was also to serve the drainage during heavy rains.
Klaus-peter kackert did not like the fact that the beautiful sandstone wall below the vineyards at the end of the village of steinbach in the direction of ziegelanger was completely overgrown. This wall should be uncovered, because it would then be a focal point when entering the town.
Norbert helbig asked for the reason why the “old post road” had been used from direction ebelsbach drauben in der flur geteert have. The hikers had not needed this, and now it would be used by the mullabfuhr highstens as a shortcut.
Municipal councillor reinhold stratz clarified that the land consolidation in steinbach still had funds left over at the end of the project and that these had been used for this road.
Finally, norbert helbig still wished for a direct cycle path from the industrial area “lohwiese in the direction of ebelsbach. This would be a good and safe alternative for children, but also for adults, to the shopping markets.
The discussion then came to a quick end, because numerous citizens did not want to miss the DFB cup match between bayer leverkusen and FC bayern munich.


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