Water protections

Water protections

The aquarium club monchroden invites to its popular ornamental fish and aquatic plants bourse on saturday, 12. October, from 11 to 16 o’clock in his clubhouse "am rabersbach" a. The traditional event takes place in 29. Year for the 69th time. Times instead of. One more reason for the rodental aquarists to draw attention not only to the animals and aquatic plants on offer. The quality of the ornamental fish bred with much love and perseverance is captivating. This is also shown by the rush of visitors at the borsen. Lively guppies, black mollies, tetras and barbs, majestic squids or scurrying catfish can be viewed and bought. The one or other rarity provides for variety and conversation.

What makes the members very happy: the neighboring clubs from sonneberg and steinach have announced their visit again. It’s hard to imagine life without them, says the aquarium friends in a press release.

Young talent is also at the start. Certainly there will be plenty of shop talk. Sometimes it can get a bit crowded at the vendors’ stands.

Hot and cold drinks as well as sausages should shorten the waiting time until there is space again. Naturally, the association is always on the lookout for new members. Who is interested in this beautiful hobby and like-minded people in the club or looking for socializing, can find out more about the homepage aquarienvereinmoenchroeden.Jimdo.Com as well as on facebook or much more personally at the borse or the monthly aquarist meetings. The organizers of the ornamental fish and aquatic plant bourse are looking forward to a turbulent hustle and bustle and lots of visitors


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