Visit to the museum of handicrafts

Visit to the museum of handicrafts

The handicraft museum of the dettelbach kolping family became a special experience for the four to six year old visitors from the house for children st. Sebastian, dettelbach to a special place of experience. The museum guide franz korber buried the curious guests and opened the museum in faltertor. As soon as they entered the walls, the children were transported to a different time, according to the kindergarten's message. Tools from 15 old trades are displayed in the exhibitions. The children marveled at the original shoemaker's workshop. The presentation of the old tools and machines delighted the young visitors. In the departments they discovered many interesting exhibits: a bicycle with a rope brake, a mousetrap for four mice, a treasure chest, a toilet chair, a bucket iron that is almost impossible to lift up. Through his stories and explanations, franz korber built a bridge between the museum objects and the children's world of life. Touching and touching the exhibits was explicitly allowed. The highlight of the tour was a visit to the newly refurbished mannerturm, formerly used as a prison. The lively insights, but above all the views of the old town from the tower walkway, made the visit to the museum so exciting and interesting. "Today we were in a completely different time!" The children said enthusiastically at the end of the tour.


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