Village store could be ready by the end of april 2014

Village store could be ready by the end of april 2014

It is initially only a red box in a multi-part table work, but it marks a goal: if everything goes as planned and no too long bad weather period comes in between, then the construction work on the buchbrunner dorfladen could be started on the 24. April 2014 will be completed. In any case, this date is in the "preliminary construction schedule" of the architectural firm konnerth (mainbernheim), which was presented to the buchbrunn town council at its meeting on friday.

Contract awarded

To ensure that the new shopping center can be put into operation as quickly as possible, the buchbrunn council passed an important resolution on thursday. They awarded the contract for the steel structure – i.E. The outer shell of the village shop. The company gernert from rothlein (district of rothlein) was awarded the contract. Schweinfurt), which had offered the steel construction for 95,500 euros. The contract also includes the construction of the roof support shell, the wall cladding and the plumbing work. The remaining trades, including heating and sanitary work and the installation of windows and doors, will be awarded at a later date.

All in all, the village store will cost 242,000 euros, according to an estimate from april. However, the community hopes to receive a grant of about 80,000 euros from the office for rural development.

Inside the store, in addition to the salesroom, a post office and a lottery outlet are planned, as well as a bakery outlet with a small cafe. The latter should also be open on weekends and have a terrace in the direction of the green (kindergarten). Another service of the village store could be the sale of snacks for the school children.

The council agreed that the building should have a photovoltaic system on the roof to cover the store’s electricity needs. The cost of the system has not yet been determined, an estimate by architect alfred konnerth was initially 40,000 euros. The committee also voted in favor of installing an air-conditioning system. However, the council doubted that the estimated cost of 15,000 euros would be sufficient. Klaus may pointed out that for a grocery store a powerful plant is needed, the estimate of 15 000 he considered too low.

Supervisory board member appointed

For the entrepreneurial community that runs the village store and is made up of buchbrunn burgers, the community council has now also sent a supervisory board member. The council unanimously voted in favor of harald kummel, who will hold this position until the constituent meeting of the newly elected municipal council in may 2014. After that the vote is taken again.

Although the planned completion of the construction work in april 2014 is still a wishful thinking, the date of the laying of the foundation stone has already been fixed. The council agreed on saturday, 16. November, 11 a.M.


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