U.S. Navy rescues iranians again

u.s. navy rescues iranians again

How the 5. US army fleet in the bahraini capital of manama, the "USCGC monomoy" rescued six iranians from distress the night before in the persian gulf.

The iranian merchant ship "ya-hussayn" had used beacons to draw attention to its threatening situation, he said. The engine room is flooded and the ship is no longer seaworthy, the iranian captain announced. The u.S. Crew immediately rushed to the aid of the iranians and took the six crew members of the "ya-hussayn" aboard the patrol boat, a navy spokesman said.

On the "monomoy", the iranians had been provided with water, blankets and food, and one man had been injured and received medical treatment. Then the contact with the iranian authorities responsible for the rescue coordination was established and the transfer of the injured sailors to the coast was organized. The captain of the "ya-hussayn" thanked the americans. "Without their help we were dead now," he said.

Only on thursday, the "USS kid" had freed the crew of the iranian ship "al molai" near the strabe of hormus. The fishing vessel had been hijacked by pirates in november. The iranian spokesman ramin mehmanparast spoke of a "humanitarian act by the US navy". Otherwise, relations between tehran and washington are anything but harmonious – the situation is more than tense because of iran’s controversial nuclear program.


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