Tiger in the zoo nurnberg died

Tiger in the zoo nurnberg died

As the zoo announced on wednesday, the six-year-old cornelius had already retreated on tuesday into a rock cave on the outdoor area. There the rare predator then remained lying motionless.

Veterinarians first tried to give the animal a so-called respiratory stimulant with a telescope. When this did not work, a cage had to be inserted through which the veterinarians could examine the lifeless body.

Cornelius was only 6 years old

The cause of death is still unclear. It is now to be clarified by a section.
In the past, there had been repeated death traps in the nurnberg zoo. Especially in the dolphinarium there were several miscarriages. In november 2011, tigress "sigena" also had to go to be put to sleep because of a cancer illness.

Siberian tiger cornelius, born in 2006 in ostrava, czech republic, was initially housed in the straubing zoo together with his brother claudius. It wasn't until may of this year that the two came to nurnberg for the planned remodeling of the facility.


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