“The wave” in habfurt opens despite pipe damage

The association of the habfurt school center, which runs the school center and the swimming pool, has not yet been able to repair the damage to the pool and the pipes. Nevertheless, water loss can probably be mitigated by controlling the supply lines. According to the information provided, "further investigations also revealed that one of the supply lines does not appear to be affected by damage".

"The wave" had been closed three weeks ago because damage to the pipe network had been detected. The water loss was enormous.

Now, according to the district administration office in habfurt, it is clear: "the repair of the pipelines under the swimming pool is possible through various interventions." New methods were also currently being tested, he said. In this respect, the association is further along in its findings than it was three weeks ago. But it will still take some time to find the right variant.

Deadline cannot be met

"Originally it looked like we would be able to fix the cause of water loss by mid october. We cannot meet the deadline. And for months we can't close the bathroom", explains the managing director of the school association, horst hofmann, who is also the managing director of the district administration office.

After inquiries at the other swimming pools in the area, only a fraction of the swimming lessons at the habfurt schools could be relocated. In view of the simultaneous renovation of the tricastiner platz, the schools (realschule, gymnasium, volksschule) are finding it difficult to balance their sports schedules. In addition, the use of external swimming pools significantly shortened the swimming lessons due to the travel times. And: the provision of bus capacity during the day is not easy.

The situation was discussed with rudi eck (no party affiliation), deputy chairman of the school association and mayor of habfurt. "We will open the bathroom again in a moment. There is no other reasonable possibility", said the head of the city. This happens now on monday.


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