The role of women has become even more complex

the role of women has become even more complex

In connection with an evening of featherweaving and musical entertainment by the traditional brass band "drum-rum the village community of thundorf presented their 4. Touring exhibition in the festival hall. This year it was the traveling exhibition "woman in the village", provided by the district of lower franconia and the directorate for rural development wurzburg. The exhibition tries to show the change of the woman in the village. The old, new, but also unchanged tasks of the woman in the family, household and farm, her activities in the village, as well as the changed, complex role of a modern woman.

The black and white photographs were taken by the photojournalist erika groth-schmachtenberger (1906 – 1992). Representative photographs have been selected from her extensive photographic collection. They document the life of the woman from the 1930s to the 1960s. This historical part was juxtaposed with color photos from 1997, which clearly show the change in the female world of life. In addition, the village community has put together a number of display boards with photos and press articles from thundorf for viewing. "Look, do you know the one in the picture there"?, or "then i still knew well" one often heard from visitors, when they guessed who the persons on the pictures are.

Snapshots from yesteryear

Under the leadership of the board of the village community, they have been preparing for this exhibition for months. The team sifted, collected and sorted the thundorf photos together with helpers. The focus this time was accordingly on the topic of "women" and also in the local associations. Of course, snapshots from days long past were not to be missed.

The exhibition was opened by district councilor karin renner on behalf of district president erwin dotzel. "With this exhibition, the village community of thundorf has taken up a theme that deals with the half of the population, namely the woman", she says at the opening. This is a huge number! Nevertheless, the other half of the population, i.E. The men – at least in the past – hardly gave a thought to the achievements and concerns of the women in the village. The district councilwoman continues: "the exhibition 'woman in the village' shows women in their rural living environment". Often the pictures show a romantic and idyllic country life. But let's not swap. Women in the countryside at that time were quite self-evidently fixed to their function and role. Renner continues: "women were born into their traditional roles and thus sent on a predefined life path". Until 1958, vocational training was only possible with the consent of the husband.

Burgermeister egon kloffel stepped into the same groove. He still remembers his childhood very well, when women were not allowed in the community brewery, when girls were barred from serving at the altar, etc. Unthinkable for today's generation. But the exhibition also makes clear that women have always been indispensable in the village and will remain so in the future.

The entertaining evening was used by the numerous visitors to a few cozy and informative hours. "The exhibition is certainly a good opportunity to meet with old acquaintances", so bauernschubert. It was also interesting for the younger visitors to see how their parents, especially their mothers, wives and grandparents lived and looked.


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