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He is 40 years young, a specialist in transfusion medicine at the university hospital in wurzburg, germany. Dr. Jurgen kobler wanted to help the SPD in the district of kitzingen to a "blood refreshment. Iphof is the SPD candidate for the 2018 state elections.

In the post-war period, the CSU has always provided the members of the state parliament in the kitzingen area. Do you actually see a real chance of victory in 2018??

Kobler: the chances depend on the framework conditions. The CSU didn’t do very well in the last federal elections either. 20 years ago, people in baden-wurttemberg never thought that there would be a green prime minister. Things can change. The CSU’s absolute majority will crumble. I am convinced of it.

How is the change to work after so many decades?? Do you really think you have a real chance??

Kobler: in my opinion, politics only works through issues. I would like to express my opinion on this, set priorities. One problem in the grand coalition was that no one knew who had made which decisions. I want to communicate clearly and honestly to the voters what is important to me.

And what would that be here in the district of kitzingen??

Kobler: on the one hand, these are the same issues as at the national level. On the other hand, there are special local topics. The conversion task, for example, is still there.

But there has been a lot of progress.

Kobler: yes, but the question still arises as to what the free state of bavaria can still achieve.

What then for example?

Kobler: he could develop flat to create living space. Wurzburg is close by. Kitzingen could become a location of university or university of applied sciences. Why not locate a specific chair here – along with housing for students?? But a master plan would be of great value.

And that is missing?

Kobler: yes.

You have spoken of federal political issues that are close to your heart. Which one do you mean?

Kobler: on the one hand, pensions. I see a need for action. People want to be able to live on their pensions for many years to come. And of course they need affordable housing. Another important area is the economy. At the moment, many things look good. But there will be a different development. Some industries will have a hard time, just think of the auto industry. The third important point is the reconciliation of family and work. Women should be able to return to work as soon as possible after giving birth – if they want to do so.

Why couldn’t this be pushed forward together with the union??

Kobler: because, in my opinion, there is too little friction in a grand coalition.

Isn’t there a lack of friction in the local political environment??

Kobler: absolutely. That was also an incentive for me to go into politics. In bavaria, the CSU is a superpowerful party. There is no real control in the ministries.

The CSU’s powerfulness is not good for the country?

Kobler: I am convinced of that. Long periods with absolute majorities are always difficult. Politics thrives on change. It’s the only way to get other issues and demands on the table.

Is the decision of the federal SPD to resume talks about a new grand coalition correct??

Kobler: you definitely have to talk about it. In politics, you always want to be in power, if only to be able to push through your ideas. But that was very difficult with the CDU and CSU in the last four years.

You joined the SPD at the age of 16. Why?

Kobler: I always liked the subject of history. I became aware of the importance of democracy. I didn’t want to be passive, I wanted to get involved in politics.

And why the SPD?

Kobler: what impresses me most about democracy is its long history and the immense influence it has had on german society. Just think of the demand for women’s suffrage, long before conservative politicians thought of such a thing.

Does the SPD still stand for a forward-looking policy today??

Kobler: certainly. We are pioneers when it comes to reconciling work and family life. The expansion of daycare centers was a classic SPD issue. CDU and CSU are now following suit.

Does it bother you that some of the SPD’s ideas don’t really come across to the public as SPD ideas??

Kobler: that’s just the way it is. In bavaria, the CSU occupies the power positions, the ministries. I see it more in a sporting sense, as an incentive to make a good counter-draft. The danger for those in power always lies in making mistakes.

You received 100 percent of the votes when you were nominated. Surprised?

Kobler: first and foremost, i was pleased. That is, of course, a good starting point for the coming election campaign.

And the SPD is well positioned in this respect?

Kobler: certainly. The local associations are functioning well; we had a wave of new members at the beginning of the year. But of course all parties have to think about how they can inspire the new members and bring them along with them. It’s not like it was 50 years ago.

If you really enter the parliament: will you hang your profession on the nail??

Kobler: that would be conceivable.

Who is your political role model?

Kobler: friedrich ebert, who was a bulwark of democracy for me. He made sure that we got parliamentarism. Later in history, I was inspired by willy brandt, of course, but also by egon bahr. Who had a good sense of how to deal with the division of europe. His writing "change by approaching" called for a complete change of style that has put germany in a responsible role. I consider this idea of reconciliation to be absolutely necessary today as well.

About the person: dr. Jurgen kobler grew up in scheinfeld, studied human medicine in erlangen-nurnberg and has been a specialist in transfusion medicine at the university hospital in wurzburg since 2014. Kobler is married, has two children and lives in iphofen.


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