Success for young bee enthusiasts

Success for young bee enthusiasts

"Bees human nature" and "bees make school" these slogans have been on the agenda of the weibenbrunn environmental elementary school for several years now. Now the school has won a "bee experience set" in the school creative competition "bee miracle". This nationwide competition called for creative ideas about the bee. 134 elementary schools and social institutions from all over germany submitted stories, poems, jokes, podcasts and songs to win one of the prizes.

When this actually arrived in weibenbrunn, the joy in the elementary school at paradies was enormous. Proudly, the students presented the contents of the package with felt puppets, plexiglass tubes and many other educational materials and especially a guide "the trail of honey".

A schoolboy told us that his grandfather had always allowed him to help with beekeeping before he started school. Therefore, he was thrilled to be allowed to help take care of the bee colonies at school, and he also knows how to spin honey. He also saw how bee sponsor reiner patzelt opened his mobile bee house in the school garden last year and how the queen and her swarm loved to move into their home. Listening to the quick-witted and well-founded bee knowledge of some hardworking school beekeepers, one could be forgiven for thinking that weibenbrunn was turning from a beer village into a bee village.

The "bees go to school" initiative of the mellifera association wanted to awaken children's fascination for bees and other pollinating insects and created the "bee wonder experience" for this purpose, according to the winner's certificate.

All 22 fourth-grade students at weibenbrunn elementary school took part in the competition. As the class leader and deputy principal jana hofmann informed, the aim was to win one of 100 bee miracle packages on offer. For this purpose, the class submitted a power-point presentation in which they presented poems (bee-else, bee-rondelle, bee-acrostic), two short bee-stories and bee-pictures. The presentation also included self-recorded videos, in which the students briefly introduced themselves and the school and recited their poems.

With the help of the various high-quality materials included in the winner's set, the students will have even more fun and fascination with their industrious friends in the school garden in the future. 


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