Step towards the preservation of the “jewish school

Step towards the preservation of the

The market council has set the course for the preservation of the property at nurnberger strabe 12. It is a baroque farmhouse, which, as a former "israelite religious school", is a testimony to the is of great importance for the history of the village. After a partially controversial discussion, it was decided by a vote of 14 to 8 to seek a retransfer and use of the property. For decades, the house and its back building were owned by the market town of hirschaid, which had bought it from the israelite religious community in 1939. It served at the beginning of the 20th century. At the beginning of the 20th century, the school was used as an elementary school for the children of the jewish population of hirsschaid; until the 1930s, however, only religious instruction was given. The last jewish residents of the house were the religious teacher david kahn, his wife cerry, and their daughter frieda, born in 1931. They were deported in 1942 because of the national socialist racial laws. They perished in one of the extermination camps in the east.
In 1983, the property became an object of exchange in connection with the relocation of mobel neubert: the buttel family of farmers made farmland available for the neubert construction project. In addition to financial compensation, they received the land directly adjacent to their farm with the "jewish school," which was already in danger of decay. When the buttel family wanted to demolish the main building on nurnberger strabe and replace it with a new building, it was subsequently added to the list of historical monuments. Since then it has fallen into disrepair. A renewed attempt by the still-owner to use the property for his farm successor brought movement to the land issue in the previous year. Since with this very special house history a demolition cannot really be considered, it is now about the preservation and the future use of the building. Some people in hirschaid are of course also discussing a brutal solution.

A suitable future for the property is made possible by the buttel family agreeing to a retransfer of ownership. The value of the real estate is now to be determined by the appraisal committee of the district of bamberg.

Remnants of a rainwater mikveh

The remains of a mikveh, which have been documented in the meantime by the state office for the preservation of historical monuments, are evidence of the jewish settlement. It was not one of the usual groundwater microwaves. The ritual bath housed in an annex to the house was fed by rainwater. The inlet and outlet are still recognizable today. But then the mikveh should not disappear under a concrete cover in the new building of the buttel family, wishes the municipal council. An architectural solution should be found to be able to show this bathing facility to future visitors to the monument, demanded CSU faction spokesman klaus homann. The fact that after the documentation of the monument the monument authority agreed with its preservation, caused astonishment in the local council.

Alternatives not shown

Mayor schlund lieb hints that the idea of restoring the former jewish school to the condition it was presumably in at the time of the kahn family's deportation has met with approval from the authorities. The history that is tangible here can also be wonderfully integrated into the educational concept that is being pursued with the expansion of the sassanfahrt castle: a small local documentation center for the rural judaic communities is the vague goal that kurt barthelmes of the WG regnitzau is fond of. Albert deml (ecological list) spoke of an opportunity that should not be missed.


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