Spring awakening at the marketplace

Spring awakening at the marketplace

Like every year, the ina seniors from herzogenaurach decorated the easter fountain this year as well. "This year marks the 15th anniversary of our decoration campaign. Mal", explains werner david of the ina senior citizens.
In 1999, the fountain was decorated for the first time, on the initiative of city and ina seniors. David looks back to the beginning: "back then, the city seniors took a bus trip to french-speaking switzerland, where there are many beautifully decorated easter fountains. Naturally, there was a desire to have something like this in herzogenaurach, too." So david took the project in hand and talked to trainers at the ina apprentice workshop, whereupon apprentices made a base frame for the easter fountain.
"We got down on our knees and made it simple", david continues. He meets with five to six people every year to decorate the fountain and makes sure that every egg is in the right place. "Unfortunately, we can’t use real, blown-out eggs because they break too easily. From the beginning we used plastic eggs", explains the easter fountain specialist.
After almost exactly one hour, every egg is in the right place. Whether orange, blue, red or yellow – when you look at them, you find a rainbow of colors. Some eggs have been lovingly hand-painted with small flowers with great care. "Our painter heinrich loos is busy every year throughout the winter and paints all the eggs alone", emphasizes david. A special feature of this year’s fountain are the coarse eggs, of which about 40 can be found all over the fountain.
For every inn or cafe there has been a separate egg for the last two years. "Decorating the easter fountain is always for us, because it is a community action . When you see how much joy people have at the decorated fountain, it’s great", david is pleased.
Just in time for the opening of the easter market by first mayor german hacker (SPD) the fountain was already finished and all present were surprised by the bright sunshine. "I am glad that we do not have to stand here in the snow today", says hacker. He refers to an eventful weekend with numerous exhibitors and activities at the easter market and also mentions the city fair "bauen-wohnen-renovieren" ("build-live-renovate") in this context and the fairtrade certification for herzogenaurach, which will take place this weekend.
Afterwards, classes 1b and 4c of the herzogenaurach elementary school set the mood for the easter season with music and sang a few songs together. Fabian bartel from class 1b even recited a spring poem. It will be a nice weekend.


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