Service beyond the usual mab

service beyond the usual mab

There was plenty of reason to say thank you at the service in the euerfeld parish church st. Michael. The evening was not only a celebration of thanksgiving, but also a time to thank the long-serving sacristan eugen seltsam for more than 40 years of faithful service, as well as the three retiring altar boys and other deserving members of the church administration and parish community.

Parish priest anton rossner emphasized that eugen seltsam had rendered outstanding services to the parish "far beyond the call of duty". As early as the summer of 1958, he took over the office of sacristan under the then pastor eberhard pfirmann, a position he held until 1986. Ten years later, he was called back to the vestry by pastor erich seitz. 2012 he gave up his office due to illness.

He still helps out today

During this time, rossner continues, eugen seltsam embodied one of the most important virtues for a community: "when there is something to do, we do it without complaining or giving up immediately when something doesn’t go our way"."This is still true today, because seltsam is happy to help out when the current mesner ludwig landner needs support.

Parish council chairwoman helene sauter read the certificate of thanks from bishop friedhelm hofmann and pinned seltsam with the gold pin of honor from the diozesan mesner association. As a souvenir, she also presented a watercolor of the parish church.

Three altar boys daniel heinrich, marcel seufert and michael ungemach, who retired after six years, also had to be thanked. New in the group of altar boys is lisa heinrich. The parish council chairwoman also thanked regina mack and otto kram, who were responsible for the altar boys’ work until half a year ago. Gunter hauke was also a member of the church administration for six years before he left in 2012 at his own request. Church administrator rossner said that during this time, the church administration had accomplished a lot together, since the interior renovation of the church was the focus of this term of office of the church administration.

Father alexander weibenberger, who celebrated the eucharist with the faithful, thanked the guitar group and the catholic youth movement (KLJB), which had prepared the service. The young people had arranged the kyrie, the reading, furbitten as well as a meditation as well as the harvest crown with a fulle of fruits from field and garden before the altar set up.


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