Residents will have to pay heavily

The revised planning for the new development of the town thoroughfare with the border areas and cycle paths is a "big chunk". If it is taken over, total costs of around 2.4 million euros will be incurred, but the municipality will not have to finance this alone. The state building authority and the office for rural development (ale) are on board and will pay a large part of the total cost. However, the citizens will also be asked to pay for the work.
While the authority will bear the costs for the complete construction of the through road (OD) and the construction of the bicycle path outside the village, it will bear only 50 percent of the costs within the village boundaries. The rest must be shared by the community of participants (TG) of the village renewal (DE) and the municipality.

Residents must participate

According to the demand of the community of participants, the residents must also participate in this sum and in the design of the border areas in the amount of 338,000 euros in the form of a 60 percent levy. Mayor thomas hack (CSU/burger fur aura) assumed in the youngest municipal council meeting that not only the residents of the "schrenk", but all residents on the main road must also pay for the cycle paths. There are about 40 landowners.

As is well known, a bicycle and footpath is to be built on the schrenk in the direction of wittershausen, which will run up to the mouth of the monastery driveway. At the end of the village towards euerdorf, the existing cycle path will be connected to the village. According to the current state of planning, each resident – including the design of the border areas – would have to pay around. 4400 euro too.

"The municipality can no longer get away with such an economically favorable renewal", the TG chairman, construction director jurgen eisentraut, called on. But from the point of view of the citizens, the renewal of the sewer and water pipe network must also be included in the calculation, in which the users naturally also participate. That is a toll that will probably cost another one million euros.

"It certainly won't get any cheaper"

Hack rebuffed criticism of the levy by pointing to the homeowners in the new construction areas of aura, who had already paid development costs when they bought their properties, which would spare the residents of the old town.

The decision makers are still free of a decision, reminded TG chairman eisentraut, who pleaded for this to be made in a joint meeting of the municipal council and the community of participants.
If this was rejected, a unique opportunity was lost – and it certainly won't be any cheaper".

However, the local council and TG representatives managed to come to several decisions. Thus, architect bernd muller is to deepen the submitted planning (phase II) and be reimbursed for the additional planning costs. On the redesign of the "zent, muller is also responsible for the planning, a contract will be concluded with the architect for the preparatory work and cost planning.

Jutta hofmann, a resident of the schrenk, gives a brief summary of the situation. "That's a lot of money for the people of burgenland to pay. The schrenk is actually a cycling area and the cyclists all ride on the state road to this day", she is skeptical about the extensive bike and footpath project there. "Living in aura is expensive. There are certainly burghers who don't earn that much and who have a hard time paying the levies," she said, she added.


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