Reading makes life easier

Reading makes life easier

Theresa schiffl "in the first grade, we have children who only recognize letters, who read individual words, and then there are also some who can already read", explains gudrun mackert, principal of ivo hennemann elementary school. But most of them learn that very quickly, says mackert.

"Children learn so much in their first months, it’s really fascinating! And also the interest in teaching and reading is just there." In the basic lessons, there are reading, writing and arithmetic exercises that last about 20 minutes, during which the children also work with great concentration. "Sometimes it’s longer, depending on. We have to pick up the children where they are at the moment." This is also very important when learning to read.

"20 years ago, when i had my first class, a very worried mother came to me. Her son was only able to read the word "milk" haltingly while shopping. She then asked me if that was normal", she says and laughs. She knows from experience that not every child learns at the same speed. "By all saints’ day, most of the players will be fit enough to read. In other classes, however, it has already taken until christmas or easter. But this is not bad and does not have to worry parents." Besides a lot of patience you can support your children and encourage them to read. It was noticeable that the topic was very important to the parents.

And for good reason. As the federal ministry of education and research writes: "the results of education research prove it: children lay the foundations for later successful learning and thus for good opportunities for development, participation and advancement in the first years of their lives." It also broadens children’s view of the world and encourages them to put themselves in other people’s shoes. This improves social skills.

"It is important for the development of personality and everyday life. They can’t read signs, train tarpaulins and the like. You simply can’t do without it. And also with regard to digitalization: reading and writing, but also arithmetic, is of course a very important basis for dealing with digital media."


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