Ratings pause for the first “misslich

ratings pause for the first

The technical difficulties in determining the TV ratings are a problem for the first one.

"Of course it"s unfortunate if we don"t have any ratings, especially since the european handball championship is being shown in the evening program," a spokeswoman for ARD's program management in munich said in response to a question. " so the price grid can not be evaluated here."

The prices for commercials are calculated according to the number of viewers. On monday, the first station allowed to broadcast commercials before 8 p.M. Showed the handball european championship match between germany and slovenia, which ended 25:25 after a dramatic final phase and may have had growing audience resonance. For the "regular program" in the first, however, the loss of quota has no effect, it said.

According to the working group for television research (AGF) in frankfurt, the ratings were measured and stored in the 5,000 or so test households of the gfk television research team, but the transmission did not work. The AGF announced on monday that a smooth data transmission was not foreseeable before friday.

The other rough TV stations and their advertising time marketers still have everything under control. "At the moment we cannot make any other assessment of the situation than the AGF and hope that the initiated measures will bring the expected success," a spokeswoman for prosiebensat.1-broadcasting group with.

"We are still relaxed," said a spokeswoman for RTL's advertising time marketer IP deutschland. "If there is no change in the announced downtime by the end of the week and the measurement data is subsequently incorporated into the systems, we remain confident."

ZDF also gave the all-clear for the time being: the advertising prices have been. August for the following year published, said a spokesman. "We do not adjust the prices of the standard program during the year. Unlike a broadcasting failure, the failure of the gfk measurement has no effect on ZDF"s advertising prices."


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