Plastic-free shopping is becoming a challenge: an experience report

Plastic lurks almost everywhere. The shelves in discounters and supermarkets are full of them. One plastic packaging after the next. Among other things, fruit and vegetables are on my shopping list. It can't be that difficult to buy peppers, tomatoes and a cucumber without plastic gauze, can it?? But in the museums section of the supermarket there is first of all disillusionment. The wrapped cucumber, symbolic for me of unnecessary plastic wrapping, lies right next to the unwrapped cucumber.

Clear where my hand goes. But it should not go on so simply. Peppers, like many other fruits and vegetables, can be bought in bulk. Also tomatoes. However, I have no choice here. Cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, vine tomatoes – all wrapped in plastic. Only one of six varieties comes without plastic gauze.

During my deliberate stroll through the store, I realize for the first time how much gauze ekes out an existence here. It glitters and crackles – throwaway plastic everywhere. For the first time in a long time I buy milk and yogurt in a jar, do without mozzarella, blueberries and musli and order for the first time with my self-brought container at the fresh food counter. I feel observed. But no one does that for me. At least not at this time. When I ask the saleswoman, she tells me that it sometimes happens that someone brings his own box for meat, fish or cheese. But rarely. Very rare. I wonder why this offer is not used more often. Many people do not know that this is possible? Or is it too much trouble for you? It may take some getting used to, but it's not impossible.

The first week and a half of my self-test plastic fasting is over. And one thing became very clear: to do without plastic packaging, preparation is needed. And flexibility. I have to say goodbye to shopping in discount stores as far as possible. Shopping quickly after work is no longer possible without making sacrifices. But i am already curious about the selection at regional markets and about what an unpacked store has to offer. I will keep you informed about this in the next five weeks. My first "joker by the way, I spent it for a rough pack of toilet paper.


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