Olympics on the aurach

Olympics on the aurach

Bernhard panzer the new local branch of "die partei" has pulled off the first coup already landed, another is to follow: with steffen moroskow, a mayoral candidate of his own is being sent into the race. And a city council list is to follow.

Of course, the satire party has many more coups in the pack. They may be funny, depending on how you look at it, but they’re also out of touch – just the way this group likes it. Nevertheless, it is astonishing that gabi bitter has also come up with a handful of quite serious proposals. It occupies the top spot on the list and also does the press work.

But now it’s the turn of the mayoral candidate: steffen moroskow, known as the "boder". The 35-year-old is a self-employed hairdresser and colorist and wants to "bring more color to the political landscape, more life to the city center and be a support for local politics." It says in its description. Moreover, he is convinced: "who knows the citizens and their concerns better than a hairdresser??!"

Cable car or airbus

His ideas range from the witty to the outlandish. Among the principles of his program pays according to the press release: "german no? More international!" This is to be achieved by bringing the olympics to herzo in 2040, where the main ejectors are already located. And the "party" wants to avoid the traffic collapse counter this with a regular airbus connection or, alternatively, an aerial tramway connection to suburbs such as erlangen, instead of the planned urban-umland railroad. And after nurnberg a commuter zeppelin, to the zeppelin field there.

Of course, the program also refers to quite serious matters. A car-free fubganger zone is desired, as well as a free city bus. And as far as the connection to erlangen is concerned: here the "party" prefers instead of the stadt-umland-bahn, a reactivation of the aurach valley railroad. And there is another decisive statement that concerns the current debate in herzogenaurach: a new town hall building is rejected. Instead, a burger cafe in the castle moat would be conceivable. And, so that the program does not become too serious, a skate park and a "laufhaus" there – whatever is meant by that. By the way, a car-free zone for pedestrians could be created by a retractable turret jumper to temporarily block the fehnturm. Another, perhaps funny, but nevertheless bizarre idea: "furthermore, the aurach city should finally become a safe harbor – with a branch of the main-danube canal to at least schaeffler or eichelmuhlgasse."


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