No vacancies are likely to become available in the federal police any time soon.

No vacancies are likely to become available in the federal police any time soon.

A young man brandishes a vodka bottle, harasses passers-by and repeatedly gets menacingly close to the railroad tracks. "That’s a pretty realistic scenario for berlin.", says andrea nahles before watching a training session at the bamburg federal police training center. The young police officers do their job well, the drunk is controlled and led away under the eyes of SPD celebrities, police colleagues and a considerable number of journalists.
Bamberg, erlangen, furth – in blistering heat, andrea nahles is on the road in franconia to support her local comrades two and a half months before the bavarian state election. In bamberg, where she last visited in 2012, the only thing on the agenda was the federal police training center. "The tasks of the federal police have grown considerably and we have invested a lot of money here", says nahles. There are currently 6200 federal police trainees, around 2200 of them in bamberg. Center director thomas lehmann gives visitors a brief overview of the land, which currently covers about 100 hectares. "We have almost every usable building site in use. It’s not as if the federal police simply said, "we need a giant land", lehmann explains. "We feel super comfortable in bamberg", confirms the president of the federal police academy, alfons aigner. The number of applicants is also good, with around seven applications for every training place. Aigner was not the only one to appreciate the SPD chairwoman’s statement about the center’s future prospects: "i believe that we will have a large number of trainees here over a long period of time. You can’t have an effective state without personnel."
On this issue, even the mayor of burgundy, andreas stark (SPD), is a realist. The city had a clear agreement with the federal police that buildings were released as soon as they were no longer needed for training purposes. But this is probably not to be expected before 2024. Starke also pointed out: "the federal police are an absolute gain for the city. It means more safety and thus also more quality of life."
Strong wish for the SPD chairwoman goes in a different direction. He calls on andrea nahles to exert her influence on the maximum occupancy of the future bamberger anchor center. A maximum of 1,500 refugees were to be housed there, and buildings could then be removed from the reception facility to create favorable living space. "Those who continue to maintain a silent reserve for 3,400 refugees will have a credibility problem", says strong.
Nahles takes up the request and then listens to the concerns of young police officers, administrators and trainers (no permanent positions, temporary contracts). Because of the upcoming state parliamentary elections in october, she has previously dealt out a fair amount of blame to the CSU. The CSU, with its "shabby, defamatory policies aimed at the weakest," has been the "worst of the worst nahles says that the CSU has received the blame, referring to the latest polls (according to bayerischer rundfunk, the CSU was at 38 percent). It refers its criticism to the asylum policy and terms used by minister-president markus soder such as "asylum tourism". The SPD is trying to combine a realistic refugee policy that does not overburden municipalities with humanitarian principles. In bavaria, the CSU has now been in power for 70 years, and it is time for something different. Nahles must admit, of course, that even the SPD’s survey results (13 percent) cannot yet trigger a storm of jubilation.
The party leader was reminded of the long and eventful history of the SPD by a highly nutritious gift from her bamberg friends: before nahles set off on her journey, she was given 155 bottles of red beer from a brewery in the district for 155 years of SPD service.


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