Middle franconia: pregnant sheep bucks out and flies into pool – police with rescue operation

Middle Franconia: pregnant sheep bucks out and flies into pool - police with rescue operation

Police rescues pregnant sheep: the sheep was actually grazing in the eastern pegnitz valley. But unlike his herd, the trusty beast dared to take a walk in the mogeldorf of central franconia. This ended finally in the pool of a private property. The resident had alerted the police when he saw the sheep walking through his garden. USK officers went to mogeldorf to take a closer look at the situation.

Middle franconia: sheep gives birth to healthy lambs

The sheep finally landed on the plane of a covered swimming pool. The tarpaulin could not withstand the weight of the heavy animal and the sheep ended up in the water.

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policemen jumped into the water and saved the sheep. Because it had not made it out of the pool alone. The officials noticed that the animal was in mourning. As it became known days later, the sheep gave birth to three healthy lambs. So four lives were saved that day.

The incident occurred already several weeks ago. However, USK officials have only now passed on information and pictures to the press office of the central franconian police force. 


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