Medieval market offered an exciting journey through time

medieval market offered an exciting journey through time

Jurgen scharff did his best: "jubel", he instructed the crowd of knights and jugglers behind him as well as the spectators around him again and again. But the cheers were limited, despite the herald's calls, both in georgi park and during the promotional march through the city center: too many people loved the rain showers that kept them from attending the premiere of the medieval and fantasy market in bad bruckenau.

Needlework and needle binding
"Unfortunately it didn't go so well, many performances fell through", organizational director david polotzek is also cautious in his assessment. He has also received a lot of positive feedback, for example from participants at the international marche congress, who were very enthusiastic about the scriptor and his old german script. "But the weather did not play along." Around 800 visitors came on saturday, and another 1000 on sunday. But there are already all the children who did not have to pay an entrance fee.

Those who came not only had plenty of room, but also enjoyed the open atmosphere. In the army camp in front of the old bakehouse, the medieval enthusiasts were ready to give information. The visitors could learn that sword fights are called "dengeln" and that the favorite pastime of women around the campfire is "needle tying", an early form of knitting, is. Cuffs and caps are knotted with a needle in such a way that the results are more durable than knitting.

The reaction of the handlers was rather restrained, but nevertheless most of them kept their stands open until the end of the show on sunday evening. At any rate, it was not due to herold jurgen scharff. He traveled with the "knighthood of scharpenberg" from morfelden in the rhine-main area to. He spontaneously took on the job as a herald: "I totally improvised", he tells. His task was to announce the performances and offers. "You just have to be able to make yourself heard", he names his loud voice as the most important prerequisite of a herald. "Everything worked out perfectly here", scharff gives organizer david polotzek a good report card. And: "this is a super location here."


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