Madonna defends speech at mtv video music awards

Madonna defends speech at mtv video music awards

Madonna justifies her speech at the MTV video music awards, in which she remembered the recently deceased soul singer aretha franklin. She had been asked to briefly recite some anecdotes connecting her to franklin at the tuesday night gala – it was not her intention to deliver a tribute to the "queen of soul," madonna wrote on instagram.

The musician initially received applause from the audience for her speech, but then faced accusations on social media that she spoke too little about franklin and too much about herself.

Madonna stressed that it was impossible to pay tribute to franklin in just two minutes "with all the glitz and glamour of an award ceremony". "I had never been able to do her justice in that context or that environment."She was correspondingly annoyed by the criticism: "unfortunately, most people have short attention spans and are so quick to judge."


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