Lanterns and a “o zapft is!”

Lanterns and a 'o zapft is!'

One thing you have to hand it to the people of einersheim: they are extremely mobile at the church fair. And this does not mean the traditional "um-die-gasthauser ziehen" on friday. Because there will be a parade in the market town on both saturday and monday.

The official church fair began on saturday at 6 p.M. With the drumming of the tambourines, which marched through the streets. The children’s lantern parade is also a tradition. Together with the historical fraternity, parents, grandparents and a procession of the population, they marched to the festwiese, where municipal councilor gerd fuchs, representing mayor bruno gamm, opened the kerm. And in style with the tapping of a beer barrel.

Music set the mood in the guardian’s house. On monday the guards are loose in einersheim. From the fairgrounds, at 1 p.M., the guards march with their new king to the square and then to the castle. All the associations that participate with delegations are invited to the fairground.

On tuesday, 17. September, the church consecration boys gather at 12 noon.30 o’clock in the marketplace. The procession returns to the castle, and at 3 p.M. They are asked to dance once again.


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