Land and firewood

Sigismund von dobschutz after 20 years, the permit once issued for the discharge of spring and mixed water into the sulzbach must be renewed, according to regulations. Mayor august weingart (CSU/WG) proposed the civil engineering firm kohl (wurzburg/fulda) to the municipal councils for the preparation of corresponding application documents. "We need a specialist office", weingart explained the contract awarding process. A further request for proposals to the engineering firm kirchner (oerlenbach) had been rejected by the latter due to work overload. Second mayor gabriele dehmer referred to the plan to build a new youth center and wanted to "double the work" avoid. Other municipal councils wanted to be informed about the details of the research involved in the application process.

The mayor will gladly comply with this request, but this request is mandatory in any case. Thus after longer discussion the engineer’s office kohl with the work for the production of necessary application documents for the offered gross price of 7300 euro was assigned unanimously.

The municipal alliance frankisches saale valley, to which sulzthal also belongs, has set itself the task of first having inner-city plots built on before tendering for new building areas. Weingart: "inquiries confirm the need." However, in order to be able to control the local development, the community needs a pre-purchase statute, the text of which was proposed by the mayor at the meeting. According to this, in the future, before any undeveloped land is sold, it must be offered to the municipality. Direct resale to a private buyer is only permitted if the buyer undertakes to build on the land within three years. The council unanimously approved the proposed charter.

In the future, anyone who buys firewood outside sulzthal but wants to store it in the municipal wood yard will have to pay for the flat in the future. A storage fee of two euros per square meter will be charged for the storage of wood purchased from third parties as of 2019/2020, and for old stock as of 2020/2012. Weingart: "up to then the wood owners have then time to clear their old stock."

Since some council members were not sure whether the associated administrative expense would be worth it, only six council members voted in favor of the proposed resolution.

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