Jeannette gives away laughs to take home

Jeannette gives away laughs to take home

Unusual times call for unusual ideas. One night, jeannette binsteiner from arnshausen couldn’t sleep. "I had a difficult low this weekend," she says, she recalls in a telephone conversation with this editorial office. Fear of loss plagued her. "It just came together a lot", she says. Many people are currently feeling the same way. And so she thought about how she could help herself and others. She wanted to make others happy and how could that be easier than with a laugh. And so she sat down and drew a piece of paper with stripes for rubbing off. Every strip got a laugh. She distributed four of these notes on trees and banks in her district of arnshausen.

The response was huge. Already one hour after the first posting, a friend from bad kissingen wrote to her via whatsapp how great she thought the idea was and that she also immediately gulped down the neighbor with a smile. Again and again people thank her via whatsapp or facebook. "The whole thing gave me an energy boost myself", says binsteiner.

In the meantime, she has distributed 15 notices in the town and around the countryside, which she regularly checks and renews if necessary. A couple who lost their child eleven years ago also wrote to her to say thank you and that they had taken three smiles with them on the day they died. "I was very touched", says the 53-year-old.

She found it particularly sublime when even her four-year-old grandson copied the abortion note and gave it to her as a gift. She herself has four children. Her pregnant daughter lives in italy, so she was confronted with the topic of corona early on. When her store, she runs a store in bad kissingen, was closed, many cuts and worries came together.

Plenty of time for herself

Since she gave away the smile, she feels better, says jeannette binsteiner. She noticed: "since I was 19 years old, I haven’t had as much time for myself as I have now". She now accepts it as it is. And: "I enjoy the boredom, you have to get there first." Your loss fears are gone.

She is pleased that many people have good creative ideas, whether it is colorful pictures on the fence or colored stones on the fountains. In italy, the curfew has already been relaxed and we are also on the right track. There’s only one thing to do: laugh!


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