Iris berben commits to musical drama about ns time

Iris berben commits to musical drama about ns time

Actress iris berben, known for her commitment against anti-semitism, is campaigning against the forgetting of nazi crimes in an unusual theater project.

She is the patroness of the musical drama "the children of the dead city", which is currently being performed for the first time at the frankfurt music theater papageno. "I have been dealing with this topic for five decades, because it is part of our identity to know our history and to deal with it," the 68-year-old told the german press agency. "We are in a situation throughout europe that is jerky. And we once again have a special responsibility because of our history."

The musical drama is about children and teenagers in the theresienstadt ghetto who are rehearsing and performing a children’s opera on the orders of the nazis when an international delegation from the red cross arrives. The opera is intended to give the impression that the people in the ghetto are doing well. The musical drama is based on a true story.

The first response to the frankfurt theater was very positive, so that additional performances were scheduled until the end of june. The goal of the project organizers is to have the play performed by school classes after the professional performance in frankfurt, so that they can deal with the holocaust in this way. Texts, sheet music and other materials are provided for this purpose. In addition, there is an audition in which berben and ESC participant michael schulte were involved.


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