Huk donates almost one million

It is a strong sign in times of cohesion: the board of management’s recognition of the very good business results in 2019, which employees were to receive in the form of departmental celebrations, became the largest fundraising event in the history of HUK-coburg.

The almost 10,000 staff members were also involved: in view of the corona epidemic, they suggested to the management that the available money – 100 euros per employee – be donated for charitable purposes. This resulted in a donation of almost 600,000 euros from the central office in coburg alone and an additional 350,000 euros from all HUK-coburg branches throughout germany.

"My colleagues and I were very pleased with the commitment shown by our employees", says klaus-jurgen heitmann, speaker of the board of management of HUK-coburg. "I also see this as a sign of our self-conception as an insurance association based on solidarity, fairness and justice".

In order to further involve the employees and, as a major german motor insurer, to provide a nationwide or. To ensure a regional connection to the respective institutions, they were able to co-determine the recipients of the donations. The condition was that the recipients of the donations had to be non-profit organizations and had to be particularly affected by the corona pandemic. "We were impressed by the large number of ideas", so heitmann. The amount donated to each project was determined by the results of the voting, in which each employee had three votes. In the evaluation, the projects were then listed according to the number of votes they received.

In the coburg region, the donations, which range from 400 to 110,550 euros, are divided among more than 20 charitable organizations. The highest amounts were given to the coburg foundation for children with cancer (110,550 euros), the coburg food bank (105,310 euros) and the animal and nature conservation society for coburg and the surrounding area with its animal shelter (102,760 euros), which had to close due to corona and was unable to place any animals during the shutdown.

In the rest of germany, more than 100 associations and institutions each received a donation. At HUK’s offices, for example, the largest individual contributions go to the little giants of northern hesse, an outpatient children’s palliative team in kassel (13,650 euros), the arche in berlin (12,150 euros) and the balthasar children’s and youth hospice in dortmund (11,700 euros) – but the work of the altstadt-armenkuche in dusseldorf, the children’s cancer ward in rostock and the women’s homes in koblenz and furth is also supported.


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