Friesens special throwing material

Again and again the carnival pit threatened "friesen helau" through the village. Once again, a number of local clubs and groups joined the illustrious procession as it made its way through the streets from the upper village.
Once again, the numerous spectators along the way were treated to an impressive display of colors. The parade participants had once again come up with imaginative costumes and masks. And the beautifully designed and decorated floats were real eye-catchers.

Grateful takers

The musical society of friesen traditionally led the carnival, which also provided the lively musical accompaniment. And there is another tradition in friesen: a rain of delicious pretzels, which this year again poured down on the spectators from the balcony of the muller bakery. The many substitutes, knockers and sparkling wine – which also tasted good from paper cups – had also been gratefully received.
The aperol-ladies appeared as sube oranges, while the beckn-women showed their passion for "me and my wood" to the show. The magical girls of the friesen show dance group were also present, who caused a furor as mysterious, but fortunately peaceful, vampires.

"Have courage to sing"

The messages on the floats were clear. "160 years of weibe westen – the best" the mannergesangverein cacilia friesen proudly pointed out its 160th anniversary this year. Singing, people, makes joy!" And "have the courage to sing. It is already in the desera inside", they advertised for new choristers and accordingly sang a whole palette of folk songs and songs of the mood.
Apparently, however, not only singing takes place at the rehearsals. How could the inscription "abt-knauer-bock from the barrel is the manna of the 1. Bass otherwise understand? The bayern-fans friesen had ordered a real celebrity for the parade to friesen. No less a person than FCB president uli hoeneb paid a visit to the floppers.
It’s funny, though, that he wore a cardboard mask with his own likeness printed on it. Strange disguise. Nevertheless, he seemed to enjoy being driven through the streets on his royal throne.
The final part of the parade was made up of more imaginatively costumed "young floats", for whom taking part was a matter of honor again this year. The gaudiwurm made an intermediate stop in the center of the village, where the music association and the mannergesangverein delighted parade participants and zaungaste alike with atmospheric songs. Here it went over also to the traditional pretzel rain. The procession ended where it began – in the upper village. Of course, this was by no means the end of the procession: on the contrary, the youth center was the scene of the big carnival party.


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