For “heaven” the times to corona are not heavenly at all

For 'heaven' the times to corona are not heavenly at all

The entertainment band "heaven from the district of habberge is well known in almost the entire northern bavarian region. Like for most musicians and bands, times are pretty rough during the corona pandemic. For the musicians as well as for their fans and for the music lovers.

The active ones of "heaven" in order to at least keep spirits up and spread a little joy, the "heaven bandprojekt 2020" was launched thought up. A short video sequence with pictures of performances and music offers a glimpse of the band’s successful work and already stimulates the anticipation of attending another concert – once the pandemic is over. The artists send their fans this grub and want to cheer them up with it too. Band member gunter skoberla from eltmann emphasizes: "but in order to survive the time in a positive way for us as a band and to give the people around us a little bit of joy and positive mood, we started a ‘heaven band project 2020."

Five songs planned

Everything is explained in the first trailer. All in all there are five trailers as credits and then five songs with private pictures of a "heaven"-musicians on facebook and youtube. Kra


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