Flixbus buys smaller competitor eurolines

Flixbus buys smaller competitor eurolines

Eurolines and isilines together transported around 2.5 million passengers last year and serve around 1,000 destinations in europe, according to a spokesman for flixbus in munich.

Transdev had announced the sale the day before. The two companies have not disclosed how much flixbus is paying for the takeover.

Flixbus and eurolines have similar business models: both companies subcontract their services, but do not have their own vehicles and do not employ their own drivers.

"By harmonizing the networks, we have a strong combined offer instead of parallel services," said flixbus CEO jochen engert.

Eurolines and isilines to continue operating under their own flag, at least for the time being. "As far as the eurolines and isilines brands are concerned, there will be no rapid or abrupt changes, for now everything will remain as it is," the flixbus spokesman explained.

The munich-based company is much bigger than eurolines and, according to its own figures, transported 45 million passengers in europe and the united states last year. In recent years, flixbus has taken over several competitors, including postbus and megabus, entered the U.S. Market, and now also operates train services.


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