Dfb international match against italy in nurnberg in front of empty stands

Dfb international match against italy in nurnberg in front of empty stands

"Above all, health comes first," said general secretary friedrich curtius in a release from the german fubball federation on tuesday. The city of nurnberg had previously informed the DFB about the decision.

"The authorities have now given clear guidance, for which we are very grateful in this difficult and complex issue for us. Even if it is naturally bitter that this classic has to take place in front of empty stands," said curtius.

The bavarian government had already recommended that general events involving more than 1,000 people should be cancelled. This also affects sporting events such as matches in the fubball national leagues.

The national match against italy had been the subject of discussion for weeks, as azurri fans were expected to travel from italy as well. The country has been struggling for weeks with a much larger number of coronavirus traps than germany.

The robert koch institute has now classified the whole of italy as a risk area, and the italian authorities have restricted the freedom of movement of their burgers across the country.

The international match against italy is seen as the last rough test for national coach joachim low’s team before it enters the hectic phase of preparations for the european soccer championship in the summer.


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