Declaration of war: csu wants to conquer the chair at coburg city hall

For parties, after the election campaign is always a little before the election campaign. For example, rene boldt as CSU district chairman of coburg city used the late-scheduled new year's reception of the coburg christian socialists with bavaria's new digital minister judith gerlach as a podium for pithy announcements on the 2020 municipal elections in coburg.

Pithy words

With a view to the success of the CSU candidate in the runoff election for the new district council in coburg, boldt gloated: "sebastian straubel has shown that you can also win in red strongholds." Verbally, boldt then immediately rallied for the coburg municipal elections in spring 2020 and postulated with pithy words: "we will for the first time conquer the chief seat in the city hall."

Regiomed and regional theater

He also told us how this is to be achieved. "We don't want to work on yesterday's topics", assured boldt and immediately gave another promise: "we will not badmouth the political opponent." The CSU wants to make coburg a modern city, said boldt, and then went on to point out where he sees important areas for action – in the general renovation of the state theater and the million-euro deficit at regiomed. "We have seen elsewhere where it leads when you lose municipal control over clinics", he warned.

At the same time, he declared his support for the landestheater: "we don't want to love the theater, but see it as an important factor in keeping coburg attractive." Nevertheless, there needs to be a cap on the costs of the upcoming refurbishment. After all, when the economy slows down, we must not allow distribution battles to break out.


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