Deadly school lunch in india:children buried in front of school

deadly school lunch in india:children buried in front of school

The number of dead children has now risen to 23 after another child died on thursday night. The other 24 schoolchildren and the cook are still in hospital, but their lives are in danger, said the official in charge, abhijit sinha.

Schoolchildren at the government elementary school in saran in the eastern state of bihar had been served a lunch on tuesday that contained insecticide, according to an initial investigation. An autopsy also points to poisoning, said sinha. The results of a chemical analysis of the food remains hours away. The food may have been in a container that previously contained a pesticide and pest control agent.

In tamil nadu, south india, 155 girls complained of nausea and dizziness after lunch at a school in neyveli on thursday. 13 of them were taken to a hospital for observation, the IANS news agency reported. Insects and worms found in school cake in amritsar, according to NDTV.

The quality of lunches in bihar will in future be monitored by a newly created committee. In addition, principals and chefs should pre-taste meals at schools. This is what the government demanded in an advertisement published in all local newspapers of the state.

School principal and her husband, who sold food to the school, remain on the run, officials say. Warrants of arrest have been issued against both of them.


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