“Costa” investigators set their sights on kapitan starker

The prosecutor’s office in grosseto wants to reinterrogate all the people who are under investigation for the shipwreck, including schettino. At the end of the week-long hearing of evidence, senior prosecutor francesco verusio declared on friday evening that the captain’s responsibility for the accident in january with 32 deaths had been fully confirmed. It weighs as much as a tombstone.

Schettino’s defense, on the other hand, said the 52-year-old’s case was better off after the evidence was taken than it was at the outset. During the hearing of evidence, she had tried to include the coast guard, the shipping company costa concordia and problems of understanding of an indonesian helmsman in the question of guilt. However, the experts of the investigating court contradicted this. "We’re just mude," was the captain’s only comment on friday, as reported by the ansa news agency.

The shipping company, in turn, considers itself exonerated because, according to the surveyors, its crisis unit had no time at all to help the shipwrecked cruise liner. Schettino had driven the 290-meter ship with more than 4200 people on board too close to the island of giglio without the knowledge of the shipping company and the responsible port authority. It rammed a rock and then later capsized.

A process was allowed to begin in 2013 at the earliest. Schettino and at least nine other people are being investigated – other leading members of the crew and the shipping company. Schettino is accused of negligent homicide, the shipwreck and abandonment of the "costa concordia" during evacuation.


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