Tado karlovic leaves the hammelburg volleys

Tado karlovic leaves the hammelburg volleys

He had already hinted at it before the season, now it’s official: after nine years at the saale, it’s over! Tado karlovic, who with hammelburg’s men’s team achieved an unprecedented march from the district league to the 2. Karlovic, who made it to the bundesliga, wants to give up competitive volleyball for a few years and spend more time with his family in the future. "At some point it is time for a new focus. After nine unbelievably great years in hammelburg, I want to spend more time with my family in the future, says the father of three children, for whom saying goodbye at the end of the season is by no means easy: "my feelings are ambivalent. To the joy about the newly won freedom naturally also mingles sadness, because the boys were already something like a second family." The 44-year-old croatian led the 1. Men’s team promoted to 2nd division. The first bundesliga not only became the biggest success in the club’s history, it also brought a volleyball euphoria that now brings the hammelburg volleys 600 enthusiastic spectators to every home game. Karlovic has a son and two daughters: "they all play volleyball in waldbuttelbrunn, where I have also been a coach for years. I want my children to benefit from their father, so I’m going to concentrate on my training activities there." Karlovic is now looking forward to the second half of the season and has set himself one goal above all: "until the end of april, i will enjoy every training session and every game, regardless of the final outcome. "

Whether there will ever be a return to the old place of action? Karlovic does not rule that out: "of course, i will always remain connected to hammelburg. And if at some point my expertise is needed again, i will of course think about it, but for now i will do other things. And what it’s like to live without bundesliga volleyball, I’ll be able to practice in the summer." The leadership of the TV/DJK hammelburg is not yet able to name a successor. "We thank tado for nine great and successful years. In coordination with the main club and the team council, we will present a new coach as soon as possible before the end of the season, who will continue the successful path with us", betrayal head of department matthias benner.

England’s national coach capello resigned

England's national coach capello resigned

The move came after a crisis meeting between the italian and FA president david bernstein and secretary general alex horne. The 65-year-old’s decision is linked to the federation’s dismissal of national team captain john terry. Capello had strongly criticized this decision and openly opposed the FA leadership. "I do not agree at all with the FA’s decision. That’s what I told the president," he said in an interview with italian broadcaster rai uno in london on sunday evening.

Chelsea captain terry was removed as captain of the national team by the federation for allegedly racially insulting an opponent and faces trial for it. Terry maintains his innocence.

A tour of discovery rich in blood

The corona crisis has taught us – access to a garden or public green space makes life easier and brings color and healthy fresh air into our daily lives. This is hardly different today, in the sign of the crisis, than it was over 300 years ago, when prince bishop lothar franz von schonborn (reg. 1693-1729) had planned the extension of the new residence on bamberger domberg. Naturally, a courtyard garden was not to be missed here.

The history of what is now known as the rose garden goes back even further. It begins already in the 16. Century. Today’s rosengarten goes back to the garden of the mengersdorfhof, a domherrenhof, which under bishop johann philipp von gebsattel (reg. 1599-1609) at the beginning of the 17. In the middle of the nineteenth century, the garden became the nucleus for the construction of the new courtyard on the cathedral hill. That garden was kept in the classical forms of the renaissance: small paths divided the flat area into rectangles with individual trees.