Btc: talks with the city continue

Btc: talks with the city continue

It is impossible to imagine a council of eleven with 338 guests", nico sauer stated. The chairman of the garitz carnival society BTC leaves no room for maneuver. At the general meeting, his opinion met with broad approval from the 67 members present, out of a total of 197. The possible number of visitors for an event in the gymnasium in garitz is currently the topic in the town, and naturally the topic that is putting the club under the nail burns. Because: "we can not yet print cards or. Start the presale."
Already in the year 2013 one had to fight with the defaults of the city, remembered sauer. After time-consuming discussions with the city administration and even more work, the requirements for fire protection and seating were almost completely fulfilled. The strict application of the maximum number of persons is "a shift of responsibility and liability to the association". So far, the BTC's carnival events have always attracted well over 400 people. Now it should be only 338. The financial burdens are unbearable.

Pressure on the responsible persons
For the association, a violation of the maximum hall occupancy means a lapse of insurance coverage and thus increased liability of the responsible persons of the association. There is an application to the city for an exemption regarding the occupancy of the hall, which with a new seating plan interprets the legal requirements differently, but still takes these into account.
Another sticking point was the federal data protection regulations that govern the handling of personal data. The regulations, sauer says, must be implemented regardless of the legal form and grossness of the association. In the BTC, nine precisely defined persons were allowed to handle personal data, and this was regulated by a detailed "data protection declaration" as a supplement to the BTC bylaws, first of all as a "stock resolution of those present. This decision should be communicated to the members in writing and become part of the statutes, if no objection is made.

Tiger in the zoo nurnberg died

Tiger in the zoo nurnberg died

As the zoo announced on wednesday, the six-year-old cornelius had already retreated on tuesday into a rock cave on the outdoor area. There the rare predator then remained lying motionless.

Veterinarians first tried to give the animal a so-called respiratory stimulant with a telescope. When this did not work, a cage had to be inserted through which the veterinarians could examine the lifeless body.

World premiere in herzogenaurach

Schaeffler’s employees listen attentively to the information given at an employee information session about the new branding. But even more exciting was the interview with formula e driver and schaeffler brand ambassador daniel abt and a look at the show car of the new formula e racer.

Abbot presented the new car and its features. "A lot has changed and that already begins with the optics." It now looks like its own dna. "People will ask: is it a car or a space shuttle??" In the next races they will start with only one car, with one battery, with a different race format, among others with an "attack mode. The new engine is a challenge, he says, with new software, more power, and different tire compounds to match the successful series of the last four years.

When the “come-with-bird” calls in the district of forchheim

When the 'come-with-bird' calls in the district of forchheim

When the "come along" bird if you call, a person dies. One, in front of whose house or apartment he was heard. This has been said in the vernacular for many centuries and still today. But you ask which bird is the messenger and with the call "come with us" or "come along" in french when the death of a human being is announced, the answer is often only a shrug of the shoulders.

Two things first: there is no scientific proof that animals can deliver death messages or news. But the "kumm-mit-vogel" there is indeed. "The tawny owl, but also the little owl, are considered to be "birds of death, confirms helmut schmitt, chairman of the forchheim district group of the state association for bird protection.

Fuss about zschape letter to dortmund neo-nazis

fuss about zschape letter to dortmund neo-Nazis

"It is the order of the day that confiscated letters from prisoners are read out. A letter like this can shed light on the personality of the accused," lawyer jens rabe told the "suddeutsche zeitung" (SZ/saturday). The munich lawyer angelika lex suggested that the pen pal be called as a witness.

The long, handwritten letter was not objected to when zschape’s mail was checked because the munich higher regional court apparently considered the partly very personal lines to be irrelevant. The letter was only confiscated in the bielefeld-senne penitentiary. There, the neo-nazi, who according to SWR is said to have belonged to the banned "aid organization of national prisoners" (HNG), is currently serving a prison sentence of several years for robbery and extortion.

May hosts trump for gala dinner at blenheim palace

may hosts trump for gala dinner at blenheim palace

The festive dinner at blenheim palace near oxford was also attended by numerous business representatives. Trump arrived by helicopter from london and was received with rude ceremony in the courtyard of the palace by a band of red-uniformed guardsmen.

May attaches great importance to invoking the "special relationship" between london and washington. She hopes trump will soon negotiate a free trade agreement for the post-brexit period. Trump had caused disgruntlement shortly before his arrival when he criticized may’s new brexit plans. "It seems to be turning a little bit in the other direction, where they’ll be dealing with the european union again, at least in part," trump said at the nato summit in brussel, without going into specifics.

Right-wing populists gain ground in poll ahead of european elections

Right-wing populists gain ground in poll ahead of european elections

Gains for right-wing populists, losses for pro-european parties: five weeks before the european elections on 23. To 26. May polls suggest difficult majority in the next EU parliament.

With 24 percent, the european people’s party (EPP), to which the CDU and CSU also belong, remains the strongest party in europe. The social democrats followed with 19.8 percent, the liberals with 10.1 percent and the greens with 7.6 percent. EPP leadership candidate manfred weber (CSU) needed at least two allies to be elected as successor to EU commission chief jean-claude juncker, whose term ends at the end of october.

Rosenberg fortress remains a magnet

rosenberg fortress remains a magnet

Despite major restrictions due to various construction sites, the head of the city of kronach’s tourism and events department, kerstin low, is satisfied with the number of visitors to the rosenberg fortress and speaks of a good business result in the 2018 half-year report. The tree removals in and around the fortress had posed some logistical challenges to the shortened season until august. Nevertheless, exhibitions of great importance and attraction were carried out.

The fact that there was not the feared slump in visitor numbers was due to the great offers presented at the fortress. Not only exhibitions, but also the rosenberg festival (16740 visitors) "fortress rocks and last but not least "kronach leuchtet" with many light points in the fortress area as well as the rose and garden fair provided for animation on the fortress rosenberg. General tours, special tours, children’s tours, adventure tours, museum educational programs, rentals and more resulted in revenues of over 180,000 euros.

Out after ten months for coach wiesinger at nurnberg

out after ten months for coach wiesinger at nurnberg

Only ten months after being appointed professional coach, novice coach michael wiesinger has resigned from his job at the 1. FC nurnberg off again.

One day after the 0:5 home debacle against hamburger SV, the franconians suspended the hapless 40-year-old, who had not been able to lead his team to a single victory in the fubball bundesliga in eight games so far this season. In a meeting of the board of directors and the supervisory board, the club’s leaders decided on monday evening, after an hour-long debate, against continuing with wiesinger and are now looking for a successor. Who will represent the FCN in the upcoming game at eintracht frankfurt on 19. October is still open.