Viennese classical music inspires at the jubilee concert at rosenau castle

The history of the chamber concerts at rosenau castle is a success story that no one would have dared to dream of 25 years ago. This success story – it is inseparably linked with the bamberger string quartet. It almost goes without saying that the anniversary concert in the marble hall was reserved for the bamberger string quartet.
At the 100. Concert at schloss rosenau the quartet, consisting of members and former members of the bamberger symphoniker, presented a program exclusively dedicated to works of the viennese classical period and reserved for pieces by the composer triumvirate haydn, beethoven and mozart.

It was already unbelievable in haydn’s C-major divertimento from opus 1 that the last personnel change of the quartet, founded in 1975, with branko kabadaic as the new man on the viola, set fresh artistic accents and really fired up the ensemble. Haydn’s work naturally revealed the special characteristic of the bamberger string quartet – the warmly timbrated, always rounded and balanced overall sound of the ensemble.

A center for clubs in the north of herzogenaurach

A center for clubs in the north of herzogenaurach

On the use, in the north of the city, a new center for the herzogenauracher clubs develops. On thursday evening, the city council approved the development plan for the four-hectare site. Even if not unanimously, because seven rates rejected with the reference to problems with the land acquisition.
For "very sensible and mabful" mayor german hacker (SPD) is in favor of expanding the already existing club area at this location. Several options had been examined, also by the tennis club itself, which had given the cause for these considerations. The TC 66 has to leave its previous land in hauptendorf because the lease agreement expires in a few years. But among all these options, the solution found was the most suitable, said hacker.

Already now there are several associations in the immediate vicinity: schutzengilde and ice stick guards, the cyclists of the soli, the carnival club and the music initiative. Further downstream at the gilgenweihern, but still in the neighborhood, are animal breeding clubs and small gardeners.

Art for life and vitality

art for life and vitality

Man and nature: it is the story of an alienation. Rainforests are cut down, the oceans are littered with plastic, the climate is heated by all kinds of pollutants. Man is on the way to destroying his own livelihood. How could it come to this?

Am 6. Marz, the bamberg artists annabel adler and katharina huckstadt will tell this tragic story with an unforeseeable end – but not in the form of a scientific lecture or a political speech. But with a complete performance.

Iris berben commits to musical drama about ns time

Iris berben commits to musical drama about ns time

Actress iris berben, known for her commitment against anti-semitism, is campaigning against the forgetting of nazi crimes in an unusual theater project.

She is the patroness of the musical drama "the children of the dead city", which is currently being performed for the first time at the frankfurt music theater papageno. "I have been dealing with this topic for five decades, because it is part of our identity to know our history and to deal with it," the 68-year-old told the german press agency. "We are in a situation throughout europe that is jerky. And we once again have a special responsibility because of our history."

Friesens special throwing material

Again and again the carnival pit threatened "friesen helau" through the village. Once again, a number of local clubs and groups joined the illustrious procession as it made its way through the streets from the upper village.
Once again, the numerous spectators along the way were treated to an impressive display of colors. The parade participants had once again come up with imaginative costumes and masks. And the beautifully designed and decorated floats were real eye-catchers.

Grateful takers

The musical society of friesen traditionally led the carnival, which also provided the lively musical accompaniment. And there is another tradition in friesen: a rain of delicious pretzels, which this year again poured down on the spectators from the balcony of the muller bakery. The many substitutes, knockers and sparkling wine – which also tasted good from paper cups – had also been gratefully received.
The aperol-ladies appeared as sube oranges, while the beckn-women showed their passion for "me and my wood" to the show. The magical girls of the friesen show dance group were also present, who caused a furor as mysterious, but fortunately peaceful, vampires.

Lanterns and a “o zapft is!”

Lanterns and a 'o zapft is!'

One thing you have to hand it to the people of einersheim: they are extremely mobile at the church fair. And this does not mean the traditional "um-die-gasthauser ziehen" on friday. Because there will be a parade in the market town on both saturday and monday.

The official church fair began on saturday at 6 p.M. With the drumming of the tambourines, which marched through the streets. The children’s lantern parade is also a tradition. Together with the historical fraternity, parents, grandparents and a procession of the population, they marched to the festwiese, where municipal councilor gerd fuchs, representing mayor bruno gamm, opened the kerm. And in style with the tapping of a beer barrel.

Madonna defends speech at mtv video music awards

Madonna defends speech at mtv video music awards

Madonna justifies her speech at the MTV video music awards, in which she remembered the recently deceased soul singer aretha franklin. She had been asked to briefly recite some anecdotes connecting her to franklin at the tuesday night gala – it was not her intention to deliver a tribute to the "queen of soul," madonna wrote on instagram.

The musician initially received applause from the audience for her speech, but then faced accusations on social media that she spoke too little about franklin and too much about herself.