A club on the road to change

A club on the road to change

The "future workshop SV-DJK sommerach" project is now also reflected in the board of the main club with its six departments. Although the club is embarking on a major reorganization with an unchanged board, the treasurer became finance manager at the annual general meeting in the SV-DJK’s sports center.

Steffen told the meeting that he had been thinking about the future of the club for a good year. The idea really sparked in him after the district meeting of the DJK steigerwald and the presentation about an association that had reorganized itself within two years after a future workshop. "The future is what the young people want and what they do," said steffen, "and if you listen to the kids, you come up with some great ideas.". The chairman reported on the almost five-hour workshop with the children and young people in the clubhouse and what their wishes and ideas are, but also their points of criticism (we reported). Some things could not be implemented, "but we want to do as much as is possible," says steffen. They also have a lot of ideas in the area of the sports center, "we have to think about a space for them". This applies both literally and figuratively: "if the children and young people have a place with us, they will also come to us. They are our future."

The grun factor

For the good of the inhabitant and the planet: ideally, every building project should be brought to a holistically healthy denominator. Although it is not easy to find standards outside the realm of energy efficiency, there is certainly guidance available. And within those still maximum freedom in the design.

There is no secret recipe or magic formula. The basic principle is that in sustainable construction, the impact on the environment is considered and minimized in every phase of a building project. From the production and use of a building to its potential demolition, resource-conserving, energy-saving and durable measures play the main roles. Or to put it another way: those who build ecologically use energy-efficient, sustainable and healthy methods in construction and in living in the building that do not harm either the inhabitants or the environment – and ideally do so from A to Z and as widely as possible.

Residents will have to pay heavily

The revised planning for the new development of the town thoroughfare with the border areas and cycle paths is a "big chunk". If it is taken over, total costs of around 2.4 million euros will be incurred, but the municipality will not have to finance this alone. The state building authority and the office for rural development (ale) are on board and will pay a large part of the total cost. However, the citizens will also be asked to pay for the work.
While the authority will bear the costs for the complete construction of the through road (OD) and the construction of the bicycle path outside the village, it will bear only 50 percent of the costs within the village boundaries. The rest must be shared by the community of participants (TG) of the village renewal (DE) and the municipality.

Residents must participate

Discussion carousel around bamberger plarrer

The former motor pool on federal police land? No alternative parking space is available. The jahnwiese? Too small, too few escape routes, problems with nature conservation. The former federal office for plant varieties behind the brose arena? Had to be developed, is too expensive. In the full session of the bamberger city council, public order officer ralf haupt showed in a detailed presentation where the plarrer uberall cannot take place. Ten locations for the bamberger volksfest, which has not been held since 2017, were examined – and all were declared unsuitable. Despite much praise for the clean conduct of the examination, some city council members were not satisfied with this.

"A folk festival is close to the castle. It is culture in action. We gave that up for economic interests", criticizes city councilor andreas triffo of the bamberger burgerblock (BBB) the decision to make the land at breitenau, where the plarrer took place for over 30 years, available to the company brose. If the city council really wants a public square in the world heritage city again, something will be found. A lot could be achieved with the motor pool with a little improvement. The development of the former sorting office is also feasible. "But we need the will."

Germany and the metoo debate

Germany and the metoo debate

Sometimes it’s the images from TV that come back to life. Katarina barley remembers a scene from the u.S. Series "hart aber herzlich" with robert wagner and stefanie powers, which she saw as a teenager. The woman asks the man in it what he loves most about her: "that you have never said no."

Another scene from barley’s tv memory: uschi glas, in a baggy mickey-mouse shirt, has been left by her husband. The girlfriend says: "just look at how you look, then it’s no wonder." Both was decades ago, it has burned itself with barley (49).

Franconian switzerland: deficiencies in the open-air swimming pool are “not to be remedied”

Franconian switzerland: deficiencies in the open-air swimming pool are 'not to be remedied'

After years of financial reassurance and debt reduction, the fear of new high expenditures is now slowly returning to the community of egloffstein. On the one hand, there is the very expensive renovation and the new extension of the kindergarten with still uncertain demands, on the other hand, there is now the threatened closure of the municipal open-air swimming pool.

At least 2.1 million euros will be the "ertuchtigung" the cost of the new open-air swimming pool, announced mayor stefan fortsch (CSU) at the town council meeting. This is the sum of the commissioned expert opinion of the engineering firm krautloher. The coarse sum was to be used for a new construction of the coarse water basin.

The path to lasting success

The path to lasting success

Rainer kober played a key role in the establishment of the kronach innovation center. In an interview, he spoke about the tasks and goals of the association.

How did the innovation center kronach (IZK) come about and what is its objective??
The foundation of the innovation center is the result of several years of joint deliberations by the industry and trade committee, coburg university, the county council and county entrepreneurs to maintain the vitality of the county’s economic power and develop it further despite demographic challenges. The intention of forming a cluster was opposed by the diversity of our district economy, which was recognized as being strong. On the other hand, it was recognized that the common challenge was to adapt quickly to the constant, accelerating changes in markets, products and services. That’s why the goal of the newly founded IZK is to enable the regional business community to align itself strategically for the future and to systematically strengthen its own innovative capacity. This task is faced by every company, including craftsmen and service providers.

Eisenbichler only 32nd in innsbruck qualification. – kobayashi in front

Eisenbichler only 32nd in innsbruck qualification. - kobayashi in front

Markus eisenbichler wanted to forget his failed flight as quickly as possible, while his rival ryoyu kobayashi, wearing the yellow jersey, celebrated the prize money of 5000 euro.

In a gripping duel with the german challenger, the japanese landed a clear points victory in innsbruck and won the qualification with 126.5 meters. "Now i’ve missed one," said eisenbichler, who had rowed wildly with his arms in flight and landed after just 116 meters. "It wasn’t a grenade, but it was only the qualification, thank god," eisenbichler found.