Vacation in corona times: “it’s already in germany”

For the past six months, the coronavirus has taken hold of many countries and people around the world, causing economic collapses and social disruptions. The travel industry in particular has suffered greatly and many long-distance trips have had to be canceled or cancelled. How much have people”s vacation plans suffered??

Kurt zink (66, altenschonbach): i am more of a campground vacationer, but because of the corona pandemic i have not made any rough plans. As a pensioner, I have vacation all year round and am not restricted to the summer vacations. Possibly I will undertake in the autumn perhaps still another moving vacation.

Vaccination commission now in favor of corona vaccination for all children 12 and older

Vaccination commission now in favor of corona vaccination for all children 12 and older

A few weeks before the end of the school vacations in many federal states, the permanent vaccination commission (stiko) is in favor of general corona vaccinations for all children over 12 years of age.

After careful evaluation of new data, it is now concluded "that, based on current knowledge, the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risk of very rare vaccine side effects," the independent body said on monday. Federal and state governments hailed the vote as an important guide for young people and parents, and held out the prospect of rapid vaccination services. But there was also criticism of the stiko and of political pressure on the body.

Merz sees “establishment” campaign against him

Merz sees 'establishment' campaign against him

The candidate for the CDU presidency, friedrich merz, has reacted with sharp criticism to the decision of the party leadership to postpone a decision on the party presidency until the new year.

The cancellation of the election party conference in december, decided on monday by the party executive, was "the last part of the action to prevent merz" in the CDU". "And this is going on with the full broadside of the establishment in berlin", merz told "welt".

For “heaven” the times to corona are not heavenly at all

For 'heaven' the times to corona are not heavenly at all

The entertainment band "heaven from the district of habberge is well known in almost the entire northern bavarian region. Like for most musicians and bands, times are pretty rough during the corona pandemic. For the musicians as well as for their fans and for the music lovers.

The active ones of "heaven" in order to at least keep spirits up and spread a little joy, the "heaven bandprojekt 2020" was launched thought up. A short video sequence with pictures of performances and music offers a glimpse of the band’s successful work and already stimulates the anticipation of attending another concert – once the pandemic is over. The artists send their fans this grub and want to cheer them up with it too. Band member gunter skoberla from eltmann emphasizes: "but in order to survive the time in a positive way for us as a band and to give the people around us a little bit of joy and positive mood, we started a ‘heaven band project 2020."

Huk donates almost one million

It is a strong sign in times of cohesion: the board of management’s recognition of the very good business results in 2019, which employees were to receive in the form of departmental celebrations, became the largest fundraising event in the history of HUK-coburg.

The almost 10,000 staff members were also involved: in view of the corona epidemic, they suggested to the management that the available money – 100 euros per employee – be donated for charitable purposes. This resulted in a donation of almost 600,000 euros from the central office in coburg alone and an additional 350,000 euros from all HUK-coburg branches throughout germany.

Jeannette gives away laughs to take home

Jeannette gives away laughs to take home

Unusual times call for unusual ideas. One night, jeannette binsteiner from arnshausen couldn’t sleep. "I had a difficult low this weekend," she says, she recalls in a telephone conversation with this editorial office. Fear of loss plagued her. "It just came together a lot", she says. Many people are currently feeling the same way. And so she thought about how she could help herself and others. She wanted to make others happy and how could that be easier than with a laugh. And so she sat down and drew a piece of paper with stripes for rubbing off. Every strip got a laugh. She distributed four of these notes on trees and banks in her district of arnshausen.

The response was huge. Already one hour after the first posting, a friend from bad kissingen wrote to her via whatsapp how great she thought the idea was and that she also immediately gulped down the neighbor with a smile. Again and again people thank her via whatsapp or facebook. "The whole thing gave me an energy boost myself", says binsteiner.

Grune haar und wattebausche, so lief der ersten arbeitstag der forchheimer friseure

Grune haar und wattebausche, so lief der ersten arbeitstag der forchheimer friseure

Scissors, comb and fohn are disinfected and ready for action. After a forced six-week break from corona, the hairdressing salons in forchheim are allowed to open again. The rush is rough. "As soon as it was known that we were allowed to open, we were bombarded with requests for appointments via instagram and facebook", tells the hairdresser yvonne krampert from the salon "domani art of hair forchheim".

Despite the traditional day of rest, many salons in forchheim opened their doors on monday in order to save the partly unsuccessful lockdown-related self-attempts of the customers. "Especially the boys wanted a quick appointment. But there are also many younger people who have lent a hand themselves and tried their hand at color experiments. A young woman in her early 20s has dyed her blond hair a cheap shade of brown. The result was grun. Such things we had to save yesterday. But this applies more to the younger ones, the older ones have already made such experiences in the youth", the hairdresser says with a laugh.

Dax closes in plus – investors remain optimistic

Dax closes in plus - investors remain optimistic

The dax ended trading on thursday with a strong 1.98 percent gain to 12.568.09 points. Thus, it closed only slightly below its daily high reached shortly before.

The high losses from the previous week, when new corona lockdowns were decided, have thus been virtually made up for. Since its low last friday at 11.450 numbers, the german benchmark index has already gained more than 1100 points again. On the penultimate trading day of the week, the mdax index of 60 mid-cap stocks gained 0.95 percent to 27.Up 498.94 points.