Carolin kebekus: fifth season of “pussyterror tv”

Carolin kebekus: fifth season of 'pussyterror tv'

Loud and unblushing – that’s how we know carolin kebekus, who gets worked up on stage about cliches, everyday embarrassments and politics.

To the interview shortly before the start of the new season "pussyterror TV" appears a surprisingly relaxed comedian, slightly tanned. Kebekus was just on vacation for a week. On 30. May starts the fifth season of her show at 22.30 o’clock with eight episodes in the first.

Is carolin kebekus as into it at home as she is on stage?? "It’s similar, but of course it’s not like i’m going through my day in a wildly aggressive way, and above all i always know exactly what to say," says the 39-year-old from colonia. In the interview she answers sometimes spontaneously funny, sometimes very thoughtful.

With her show "pussyterror TV," kebekus has been a fixture on television for four years – first on WDR, then on the first "pussyterror" channel. She makes fun of curious things, sings and chats with celebrities and fellow comedians. Looking at the beginning of her show, she says: "I think I’ve become more relaxed. Thank god. In the first season, I yelled at people through the TV like this."

Kebekus feels "at home" with the public broadcasters. "Although i’ve also done some great shows on private stations, of course. But I know the pressure of the quoist there and female that the difference here is simply that you see the value in the long run." According to WDR, their audience ranges between 1.2 and 1.5 million viewers.

The profile of the show remains unchanged in the new season, and the team of writers now consists of equal numbers of women and men, according to kebekus. Familiar characters like rebecca& larissa or mrs. Rodcke are to be part of the show again.

The comedian also wants to try out professions, in the fire department and in an orchestra, for example. But even there it could be that something doesn’t work or the twists fail, and then no one will ever see it. Some things are pre-produced, but the most exciting are the current topics, he said. "If nothing happens, it is indeed terrible. Oh god. Okay, let’s do something about how warm it is right now."

A few guests have already been confirmed. Sanger lena meyer-landrut comes over. Kebekus is already looking forward to the appearance of her brother david – also a comedian: "that’s totally great, because he’s become insanely good."

When "pussyterror TV" still ran monthly, carolin kebekus regularly awarded the title "pussy of the month" to politicians, companies or celebrities – for misogynistic, embarrassing or tasteless performances. Among the winners were the feminist magazine "emma" and the rapper farid bang. Who could become "pussy of the year? Federal health minister jens spahn (CDU) has a good chance of winning the title, says kebekus. But the year is still young.


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