Bucher was more important than the sea

Bucher was more important than the sea

According to current studies, it happens again and again that schoolchildren are not yet able to read even in the sixth grade. This refers to elementary school students at the end of the fifth grade. However, according to another finding of the studies, these children often lack access to a school library. Fortunately, this is not an issue in rodental near coburg, as the final event of the "summer vacation reading club 2018" showed in the city library showed: 119 girls and boys borrowed 1555 books from the rodental city library during the rough vacations, read them and filled out an evaluation card for each book borrowed. The children were automatically entered into a draw for a "pit lane ticket" for the "carrera world and a ticket to the "geiselwind" amusement park part.

Every child who read more than three books received a certificate and was able to choose one of the many gifts donated by 18 companies in rodental. During the 42 days off school, three girls were particularly persistent: winner lena karsch read and rated a book almost every day. Her mother said that the books were even taken to the beach on vacation, where they were more important for lena than refreshment in the sea. 40 books lena karsch had taken in during the 42 days as reading fodder. Maresa brejschka and lotte derooj each had 27 books to choose from during the summer holidays.

Einberg elementary school with most participants

Rodental’s mayor marco steiner and city library director gabriele vogel were absolutely thrilled about the lively participation in the reading pleasure. As mayor steiner pointed out, the elementary school rodental-einberg participated with the most elementary school students in the competition of the summer vacation reading club 2018. Second place went to the rodental-monchroden elementary school, third place to the rodental-mitte elementary school, closely followed by the students of the arnold gymnasium.

Participation was open to grades one to seven. This was the second time that the school magician noah stroehl performed his art pieces at a reading event. He charmed and enchanted the smaller and coarser spectators with magic strings, magic patience strings, magic balls and truly magical card tricks. According to the young magician, he has been practicing the art of magic illusion and truly magical tricks for two years. "Two years ago he came home with a used magic box from a flea market", reported his father. In the meantime, young noah stroehl has developed such a passion for magic that he regularly takes lessons in nurnberg.

The summer reading club in bavaria is an initiative of the bavarian library association and was conceived by the bavarian state library. Around 170 public libraries took part in the competition. Every schoolchild was able to sign up for the free reading club. 239 brand-new children’s and youth books were purchased for the event, which club members were able to borrow and evaluate exclusively. In addition, they could and still can access a library stock of 5798 children’s and youth books.


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