Btc: talks with the city continue

Btc: talks with the city continue

It is impossible to imagine a council of eleven with 338 guests", nico sauer stated. The chairman of the garitz carnival society BTC leaves no room for maneuver. At the general meeting, his opinion met with broad approval from the 67 members present, out of a total of 197. The possible number of visitors for an event in the gymnasium in garitz is currently the topic in the town, and naturally the topic that is putting the club under the nail burns. Because: "we can not yet print cards or. Start the presale."
Already in the year 2013 one had to fight with the defaults of the city, remembered sauer. After time-consuming discussions with the city administration and even more work, the requirements for fire protection and seating were almost completely fulfilled. The strict application of the maximum number of persons is "a shift of responsibility and liability to the association". So far, the BTC's carnival events have always attracted well over 400 people. Now it should be only 338. The financial burdens are unbearable.

Pressure on the responsible persons
For the association, a violation of the maximum hall occupancy means a lapse of insurance coverage and thus increased liability of the responsible persons of the association. There is an application to the city for an exemption regarding the occupancy of the hall, which with a new seating plan interprets the legal requirements differently, but still takes these into account.
Another sticking point was the federal data protection regulations that govern the handling of personal data. The regulations, sauer says, must be implemented regardless of the legal form and grossness of the association. In the BTC, nine precisely defined persons were allowed to handle personal data, and this was regulated by a detailed "data protection declaration" as a supplement to the BTC bylaws, first of all as a "stock resolution of those present. This decision should be communicated to the members in writing and become part of the statutes, if no objection is made.

Association exists for 50 years
Sauer touched on the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the beer tumbler club, which was held as an internal club event in the fall of 2013 and found a worthy setting in the kurgarten cafe. "The club has a good cushion, noted treasurer hans-jurgen koch. The cash balance went down, but with the collection of the membership fees it is balanced again. With this debit note also about the SEPA procedure is informed, which means no change for the members.


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