Bruderle does not become a “stern” reporter

Bruderle does not become a 'stern' reporter

"I have not yet spoken on the subject and will not do so. I simply ask that you take note of my personal decision," bruderle said at a press event in berlin, which was also attended by himmelreich. It was the first meeting of the two, eagerly awaited by the media, since the reporter had reported in an article about the politician’s attractive appearance to her.

The 67-year-old chairman of the FDP parliamentary group, however, commented for the first time on the heated social discussion. "Sexism is a debate that is ongoing, that has social relevance," bruderle said. In a democracy, this is an "objective, legitimate phenomenon". Bruderle does not see the debate as jeopardizing his role as FDP leader for the federal election campaign. He could very well benefit the party, otherwise the FDP would not have proclaimed him the top candidate.

More than 80 journalists, several camera teams and photographers followed the appearance of bruderle and himmelreich. The 29-year-old, who appeared accompanied by a "stern" colleague, sat on a chair in the background during the politician’s customary press breakfast, took notes and asked no questions.

The SPD, which has so far kept a low profile in the bruderle case, has now increased the pressure and demanded a public declaration. "Mr. Bruderle must clarify the accusations, he must finally explain himself," said SPD secretary general andrea nahles to "spiegel online". "If everything really happened as described, mr. Bruderle has clearly crossed a line."

The FDP has massive deficits in terms of equality and has the fewest female representatives in the bundestag. "The FDP has a women’s problem," nahles said. The parliamentary manager of the SPD faction, thomas oppermann, said: "i believe that mr. Bruderle would be well-advised to take a closer look at the topic."

In his own ranks, bruderle is supported without hesitation. FDP leader philipp rosler considers the accusations of sexism against top candidate bruderle to be a campaign against the entire party. Last week’s "stern" published a portrait in which himmelreich describes an encounter with bruderle at a hotel bar more than a year ago. Bruderle had attracted attention with his appropriate remarks.

The magazine "stern" has now followed suit and devotes its new issue to "daily sexism. Women tell us what disrespect and unpleasantness they have experienced. Editor in chief andreas petzold rejected rosler’s criticism in the foreword that the magazine was running a campaign against the FDP and its top election candidate bruderle. At the same time, petzold defended his author himmelreich.

Federal minister of labor ursula von der leyen buried the ongoing debate. "The strong public reaction shows that a nerve has been struck," the CDU politician told the "welt" newspaper. Many women had experienced stresses and strains, and now they also reacted to them. "Particularly bad are assaults that take place in a relationship of dependence," von der leyen said. "The good thing about this debate is that it raises awareness of the red lines."


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