Art for life and vitality

art for life and vitality

Man and nature: it is the story of an alienation. Rainforests are cut down, the oceans are littered with plastic, the climate is heated by all kinds of pollutants. Man is on the way to destroying his own livelihood. How could it come to this?

Am 6. Marz, the bamberg artists annabel adler and katharina huckstadt will tell this tragic story with an unforeseeable end – but not in the form of a scientific lecture or a political speech. But with a complete performance.

"We criticize grievances, but in an artistic-asthetic way", says 36-year-old katharina huckstadt, who also runs the cafe "backstubla" in the sandschlossla in the upper sandstrabe, where the evening takes place operates.

Black light, music and film

At the performance under the motto "divine" ("gottlich") the artists will work with black light. The presentation will be accompanied by music and selected texts. A film will be shown as well as paintings, drawings and photographs of the two.

"We do action art together, but we are still independent artists with our own work, says huckstadt, who comes from rottweil in baden-wurttemberg and studied art in heidelberg.

Annabel adler (31) grew up in roth and studied in bamberg. Last summer, she was looking for a suitable exhibition venue for her art – and found it in the "backstubla".

How she met katharina huckstadt. The artists quickly discovered commonalities: both depict close-ups of plants, animals or human eyes in their art.

Their symbol is a ginkgo leaf

Because the two women are also united by their love of action art, they joined forces to form the duo "kathanna" together. In february, they performed together for the first time at a theater festival in frankfurt. The performance was dedicated to the world’s pollution through receipts – a very topical issue, keyword "receipt obligation.

The symbol of the duo is a ginkgo leaf with an eye in the middle.

But the eye really consists of two eyes, namely those of the two artists, photographed and superimposed on each other. Annabel adler says: "the ginkgo is considered a symbol of life and vitality."


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