An endless well story

An endless well story

Although pommer, popularly known as wummer, had four wells distributed evenly throughout the village, water had to be used sparingly, especially in the summer months. But kilometer-long fubmarsche to transport water home was not known in pommer.

Even the animals feasted on the precious water. So the presserbrunnen supplied the cows returning from the mountain pasture and at the deinleinsbrunnen the sheep could quench their thirst. In the village there was still the glaber/zeiblersbrunnen and the sporabrunnen. But a canal was also built in the small village enclave of pommer, which has belonged to the municipality of igensdorf since the area reform. The fountains were therefore dissolved one by one.

And thus an old tradition was displaced, until resistance arose in the village. "Years ago, the wish arose to have a fountain in the village again, also in order to revive the old custom of decorating easter fountains", tells alfred backer. He deals with the history of the village and the community. But he also helped energetically.

Grandson lends a hand
Without further ado, he and his neighbor paul scharrer modeled a new fountain out of an old stone pig feed trough. "We spared this with field stones from the wummier berg", tells backer. With his youngest grandson lucas, the trained blacksmith alfred backer then laid a pipe without a pump in the rindlas, the name of the stream: "so that the fountain always has enough water and splashes"."

The construction of the fountain was only time-consuming for the two initiators, scharrer and backer. The fountain was inaugurated in april 2004 under the mayor of oldburg, erwin zeib, and received the bronze award at the raiffeisenbanken's agenda 21 nature conservation prize. The motto was "active fountains like 30 years ago".

As a bonus, the village received a walnut tree that became an attractive eye-catcher next to the fountain. Until 2007, when the villagers were in for a rude shock. "With the village renewal, the well had to be demolished, because a small path with springstones was to be built over the rindlas", says backer. Both the excellent fountain and the walnut tree storten, were removed. The individual parts lay scattered on a meadow, a pile of stones "adorned" the fountain the village square.

2008, after countless complaints to the municipality, the "wummers" got a round and a round and functioning fountain. Easter is decorated. For many residents, the decorated fountain also reminds them of the special history of the wummier fountain.


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