An administrator who wants to shape things

Nicolas bischoff came to the interview with this newspaper on his scooter. 25 kilometers per hour. Not particularly fast, but for bischoff currently a good way of getting around, because the 18-year-old has not yet managed to get his car license. What that can be? Like many 18-year-olds, he is currently undergoing training – as an administrative assistant with the city of erlangen. But unlike other young people, bischoff is in the middle of an election campaign. He is the joint district council candidate of the left, odp and pirates for the district of erlangen-hochstadt. Together they call themselves "lop – and thus represent the first cooperation of these parties nationwide.

Bischoff has been a member of the left-wing since 2016, and last year helped out in the european election campaign. Manfred reinhart (odp) and markus herrmann (pirates) approached bischoff at the time, until they agreed to work together and now on a joint list for the district election. "It’s like the coalition negotiations", the district council candidate tells us with a smile. Each party has brought its own perspective on issues, although the political direction is clear: "our opinions are clearly to the left of center."

Rent cap at twelve euros per square meter

So the issues with which the three parties are going into the election campaign are not surprising: "it’s about providing affordable housing." In recent years, rents in the city of erlangen, but also in the district, have "exploded", explains bischoff. This must be countered, which is why he is aiming for a rent cap of twelve euros per square meter.

He also wanted to financially support building cooperatives, which guarantee low rents, as a county councilor.

Because he himself notices that the rents are rising. Bischoff grew up in eltersdorf, but a few months ago he and his girlfriend moved to igelsdorf, a small town near baiersdorf. Still, he and his girlfriend were paying a relatively large amount of rent.

Nicolas bischoff is a pleasant type of person, a little quieter than the rest. But when it comes to politics, he can sometimes get hot-tempered. His girlfriend notices this when there are long discussions again. "I would not vote for you", says his life danger already times with a look at a poster of him, tells bischoff. He says it’s meant somewhat jokingly, since he gets all the support he needs from her, but she doesn’t quite agree with him politically either.

When nicolas bischoff isn’t having lively discussions about politics, the deputy district chairman of the left-wing party likes to spend time in nature. And there are plenty of them in igelsdorf. "I go for a relatively long walk", he says. Then he switches off his cell phone, takes a break. In addition to his education and vocational school, the deputy district chairman of the left-wing party is politically very busy – especially in the run-up to the elections.

But he wanted to become a district administrator at such a young age? Some could accuse him of lacking competence, but the candidate counters: "i bring a completely different perspective to things." He also has the professional know-how due to his training. It’s precisely this mixture that makes him special, says bischoff.

An important topic for him is also the expansion of the opnv. It is again a matter that concerns him personally. If he goes to vocational school in furth, he needs four means of public transport at once. He would like to link the smaller communities better with each other by buses. "We have to look: where do we still have to fine people??", says bischoff, who is campaigning for a 365-euro annual ticket.

For many, this was going to be more favorable than the 1-euro ticket, where you pay one euro per ride. For his trip to vocational school, he calculates: "I still had to pay eight euros a day!" And who female: if it is for him on the 15. Marz, he could perhaps soon do without his scooter and switch to public transport altogether.


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