A picture of the new home: photographing neuburgers

When rawand darwish (19) came to germany four years ago, everything in europe was foreign to him. He fled – without his family – all alone across turkey, greece, macedonia, hungary and austria, finally landing in passau. The boy had to leave his parents and sister behind. He lost his brother. Rawand darwish first had to learn german, he was shuchtern, was housed in a facility. He had only one wish: a camera. He got this after an appeal at "kulmbach is colorful including flash – and from then on rawand could capture his new european home on photos.

In the meantime, rawand darwish has settled in his new home country. He learned german at the max hundt school and the vocational school center. He started an apprenticeship. He also brought his parents to germany through the family reunification program. And rawand has also made friends.

Kevin A. Da maren is one of the best friends rawand darwish has. Kevin A. Marein is 25 years old, comes from argentina. "I was in germany for a school exchange. I liked it very much, I then decided to come back after I finished school, which I did in argentina.", tells kevin A. Da maren herself.

Kevin A. Da maren has lived in germany for three years. His rough dream is to learn to fly and become a pilot. "But that still takes time. It’s not that easy, he says and openly admits that he has to take a little break again at the moment due to financial reasons. Kevin A. Da maren has been employed for two years in a logistics and shipping company. But in his free time he likes to be at the airfield in kulmbach.

The two young men share a common hobby: photography. "We toured europe together and took photos", both of them at their exhibition at the academy for new media in kulmbach. Rawand darwish and kevin A. Da maren have visited france and italy and have brought back impressive vacation impressions. As part of the intercultural week, the two people from neuburg are showing their personal impressions of europe: snapshots, vacation motifs, legendary buildings, but also culture and festivities.

Kevin A. Da maren loved the beer festival when it was held in the festival square outside the city gates. He lay down on the ground, took a picture of the tent and the wood chips that were piled up in front of the stadium. "This is my favorite motif", says maren.

Rawand darwish has several favorite pictures: he put his canon camera, which got him started in photography, on a bridge in venice and then captured this impression. "But my favorite picture is the one with the swan", laughs the young syrian. He loves snapshots.

At the vernissage as part of the intercultural week, kevin A. Since maren’s grandmother came from argentina. And rawand darwish’s parents were very proud as well.

Thomas nagel from the academy for new media emphasized that the intercultural week is already in its 25th year. The SCM is proud to announce that it will be held for the first time this year and that it wants to set an example against hate, fear and right-wing ideas. Both the young syrian and the young argentinian have found a new home in kulmbach: both are europeans with all their hearts.

Arne poperl promoted a support group at the exhibition that was formed to bring two deported young migrants from afghanistan back to germany.

The photo exhibition is open until 9. On view at the academy for new media from 9 a.M. To 5 p.M. Every november.


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