A center for clubs in the north of herzogenaurach

A center for clubs in the north of herzogenaurach

On the use, in the north of the city, a new center for the herzogenauracher clubs develops. On thursday evening, the city council approved the development plan for the four-hectare site. Even if not unanimously, because seven rates rejected with the reference to problems with the land acquisition.
For "very sensible and mabful" mayor german hacker (SPD) is in favor of expanding the already existing club area at this location. Several options had been examined, also by the tennis club itself, which had given the cause for these considerations. The TC 66 has to leave its previous land in hauptendorf because the lease agreement expires in a few years. But among all these options, the solution found was the most suitable, said hacker.

Already now there are several associations in the immediate vicinity: schutzengilde and ice stick guards, the cyclists of the soli, the carnival club and the music initiative. Further downstream at the gilgenweihern, but still in the neighborhood, are animal breeding clubs and small gardeners.

Not from "field to field
Bringing these two areas together in planning terms was suggested by konrad eitel (SPD) and maximilian maydt (grune). Not from "field to field should be planned, but coherent areas should also be considered together. Eitel also criticized problems with land acquisition. The owner of the central herzstuck does not want to give up his site. But if the development plan comes to fruition, high development costs are to be expected.

Eitel spoke openly of 260.000 euros and interpreted this as a push by the city to sell after all. "What is happening here is tantamount to expropriation", said the SPD politician, who has been considered inconvenient for many years. However, he considers such reductions to be wrong and therefore rejects the plan.

Eitel found support from his faction colleague renate schroff. For them, the site found for the tennis club is not ideal. The land next to it, marked as a flat for common use, was more appropriate. But that belonged to the owner who did not want to sell. But, according to the third mayor, the costs were hit disproportionately hard.

Burgermeister german hacker put it in perspective. There is no "development de luxe" there, but only enforces the minimum requirements. But: "the development costs are just not as high as they used to be", he said, pointing out that you don't get half-assed releases approved anymore. Hacker: "this is standard 2013, not de luxe." And the fact that the city also needs land from third parties when designating areas, which also causes problems from time to time, is also nothing new.

But you also have to consider a fact: "the tennis club otherwise had no future in herzogenaurach in the medium to long term, despite very successful work, especially in the youth sector", said hacker. And spoke to a core problem in herzogenaurach. "Any new land designation of this form is at the expense of agriculture", the mayor stated. This is a core dilemma of any flat development in herzogenaurach. That's why land development "not only had to be well thought out, but also had to take into account the necessary compensatory land".

A magnet in the region
According to hacker, these can no longer all be mapped in herzogenaurach in the future. We need to think about not only allowing such compensation areas to be used for local agriculture, but also to give them to more rural areas in the surrounding area.

Herzogenaurach is a magnet in the region. One has a commuter surplus of almost 10.000 people. The urban area is very cramped: although herzogenaurach has about 10.000 inhabitants more than its neighbor hochstadt, the flat and with just under 48 km² considerably smaller (hochstadt has 71 square kilometers).

Hacker was also supported in the discussion by members of the CSU. Kurt zollhofer also described the designation as a sensible change, because a club center already existed there in principle. As far as land acquisition is concerned, the city has done everything possible to acquire the necessary land.

The field path leading up from the gilgenweih lakes was also mentioned. It must not be used as a sneak path, said burgermeister hacker. If necessary, one will prevent a passage by barrier. The development will take place "from above" anyway instead of, so over the circle road along the herzo base.


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